Top 5 Best Brewing Stands for Making Beer

No matter where you are in your brewing adventures, we all have experience brewing in the kitchen. It is a great place to start but at some point you’ll have to give everyone a break. They are sick of getting their feet wet and the having the house smell like bitter hops. But what other options do you have?

Whether you are thinking about upgrading to an all grain system or want to stick with a more simple set up, utilization of a beer stand and burner is a smart decision. Gas range stove tops are decent but they aren’t able to push the amount of heat required to properly execute an all grain set up. Electric ranges don’t get hot enough and take longer to transfer heat into your boil and wort.

Brew stands are the best way to get your water to a boil fast and efficiently. They are designed to push out a lot of heat while supporting the weight of your brew. There are many different brew stands and burners that are available to both the beginner and expert brewer.


Here are our Top Picks

King Kooker 94/90 TKD Portable Dual Burner Propane 30-Inch Patio Cart by King Kooker Review

brew sculptureThe portable Dual Burner Propane 30-inch Patio Cart by King Kooker is a two tier system with two burners. The lower burner can deliver 60,000 BTUs while the top burner can put out a whopping 105,000 BTUs.

The high rate of energy this system puts out drastically reduces the time it takes your water to boil. This will save you a ton of time and you won’t have an issue keeping 10 gallons or more at a rolling boil. The only problem with this is it can empty your tank quickly. So take advantage of the flame valve controls.

Both of the burners connect directly to a propane tank and have brass needle valves for individual flame control. The tiered system is also advantageous as you won’t have to move your kettles to use a siphon.


  • Two Burners
  • Jet Burner
  • Tiered levels


  • Fuel Burns Quickly
  • No setting for propane tank


Bayou Classic SP10 High-Pressure Outdoor Gas Cooker, Propane by Bayou Classic Review

diy brew stand Want to move outside but don’t want to invest in a whole new kitchen? Me too. That is why the Bayou Classic SP10 High-Pressure Outdoor Gas Cooker is perfect. It is affordable, small, will get your kettles to temp, and hold a strong boil.

This high-pressure cooker is much cheaper than the patio cart. It doesn’t take up much room and it is easy to store. It is also designed with a wide base for a sturdy foundation and has a low center of gravity.

This high pressure cooker is very easy to use. There are no complicated components and it connects directly to your fuel line. Open the gas, light the flame, and you are ready to go. And unless a semi-truck runs over it you should be able to use this stand for a lifetime.


  • Small and easy to store
  • Inexpensive
  • Not complicated
  • Includes 48 inch stainless braided hose


  • Ideal for small batches
  • Short base only


BrewBuilt AfterBurner BE200 Beer Brewing Stand by NorCal Brewing Solutions Review

home brew standBrewers in any stage can appreciate the work of this beer brewing stand. It easily serves the needs of any home brewing project and can be wheeled away when not in use.

The wide base supports large pots and heavy weight. The burner can put up to 100,000 BTUs using propane fuel. So whatever you are looking to do with this stand you can easily execute.

Probably the coolest thing about this stand is it is attachable to other burners alike to create a beer stand super set. They are also designed to be stackable for easy storage.

This brewing stand is perfect if you are currently brewing extracts and can it can easily support an all grain system if you decide to upgrade later down the road.


  • Supports Larger Batches
  • Propane fuels up to 100,000 BTUs
  • Attachable to additional burners


  • Can be expensive
  • No wind shield


Concord Double Burner Outdoor Stand Stove Cooker w/ Regulator Brewing Supply by Concord Cookware Review

brew standThis beer stand and double burner is made for the outdoors. There is no worry about weathering and rust with this guy. It is constructed of cast iron and will stand up against anything you can throw at it.

Capable up supporting 60 quart kettles, each burner has separate heat control and come with a high pressure regulator, hose, and connector. And don’t worry, the cast iron won’t make it a permanent deck piece. This stand has detachable legs so it can be easily moved and stored.

This unit is extremely affordable and really puts it over the top as one of the best options for an outdoor beer stand and burner.


  • Great price
  • Two Burners
  • Cast Iron
  • Detachable legs


  • Heavy
  • Manually lit
  • about 15” space per burner


Bayou Classic KAB4 High Pressure Banjo Cooker by Bayou Classic Review

best brewing standsVery similar to the Bayou Classic SP10 High-Pressure Outdoor Gas Cooker is the Bayou Classic KAB4 High Pressure Banjo Cooker. The only real difference here is the frame. The weight of the cast iron makes it very stable and durable.

You won’t have any issues getting this burner going as it is easy to use and connects to your propane tank the same way your grill does. But don’t let its size fool you.

This little guy has a powerful flame supporting up to 210,000 BTUs that can easily sustain a boils for 30 gallon pots and comes with a 48 inch hose and PSI regulator.


  • Stable Welded Iron
  • 210,000 BTU
  • Small and easy to move
  • Supports 30 gal. Kettles


  • sits low to the ground
  • Expensive


Comparing Beer Stands

Larger beer stands and burners are a great option for frequent out door brewing. They are taller and can support wider pots than cookers can. Despite their size they are easy to stow away and move when you need some extra space. These stands usually come with two burners or are easily upgraded to two or more burners. However, they tend to be more expensive than the cookers.

Pressure cookers are good if you are looking for something simple with a little more mobility. Smaller doesn’t necessarily mean less quality though. They are built to be sturdy and stable to support small and large pots. They send to be inexpensive but good ones can run you up to almost 100 dollars. In the end you should choose which one best fits your needs.

My Vote for Best Beer Brewing Stand

I have really enjoyed using the BrewBuilt AfterBurner BE200. It has a wide frame to support my brew kettles and I don’t have to worry about it tipping over. I also love the heat output. It helps me to keep my temps up when it is cold or windy outside. It also gets my water boiling fast so I don’t have to spend much time waiting.

This is the best choice for a home brew stand for the home brewer.


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