Blichmann Therminator Wort Chiller Review

Since 2001, Blichmann has been a high quality brewing equipment supplier. Their focus is to provide innovation in engineering and efficient brewing equipment. They have a wide range of products and all of them are some of the best home brew supplies on the market.

The Therminator is a wort chiller. These are used to rapidly cool wort after the boil. This is advantageous for your time, keeps unneeded enzymes from breaking down, and puts the wort to temp for yeast addition. You will find that there are many different wort chillers available but none quite like the Therminator.

General Features

diy counterflow chillerThe Therminator is truly unique. It is much smaller than most wort chillers and works just as fast if not faster. It is made of 316 stainelss steel plates and fittings, 100 percent copper, and has gaskets to prevent leaking.

Because it is so small, the water resistance is very low. This allows for easier gravity feeds and improves the speed at which water can move. This in combination with its composition and design are what drastically increase the speed at which you can chill your wort. With most cold faucet water you can cool a 5-gallon batch is less than three minutes and a 10-gallon batch is less than 5! This will also reduce the amount of water used in the process.

To operate, all you have to do is attach hosing to both sides and allow the water and wort to flow through. Rather than placing the chiller in your wort, it actually runs through the unit. This way you can push the wort from your brew kettle directly into your fermenter while it cools.

Attaching the hosing has been made easy by the standard fit male threading on both sides of the unit. For more optimal operation Blichmann also provides an owner’s manual. This is available on their website.

Another advantage to its size is that it makes cleaning very easy. Instead of having a large unit to clean, you can spend less time and resources sanitizing the unit. It is also easy to boil, if you wanted to go that route.


  • Fast
  • Compact
  • Bacteria-free
  • Stainless Steel
  • Low Water Consumption


  • Expensive
  • More steps than traditional chillers




counter flow chillerWhen looking into the negatives you may consider first if the price is worth it. This chiller is going to save you time and it is amazingly efficient. However, your experience may only be marginal. There are many other wort chillers that are available that get the job done and a much lower price.

You may also find it a bit easier to use an insert able chiller. With these you connect the water, set it in the wort, and let it chill. Take some time to make sure this chiller is the right one for you.




cooling the wortLike everything from Blichmann, the Therminator is a solid piece of equipment and it will prove its point right away.

It provides fast cooling, efficient use of water, wort transferring, and easy sanitation. If you frequently brew and want to save time and money in the long run, I would seriously consider picking one of these bad boys up.

It also comes with a 1-year warranty guaranteeing that you will have a defect free experience. We highly recommend this wort chiller.

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