BrewBuilt BE354 Brewing Kettle by NorCal Brewing Solutions Review

NorCal Brewing Solutions specializes in home brew equipment. For years, they have been perfecting their products and sell anything you could possibly need for your home brew set up.

They have spent a lot of time designing intuitive products that will enhance your brewing experiences rather than hinder or provide mediocre support. Their BrewBuilt Brew Kettle is a fine example of this.

green-checkGeneral features of product

The NorCal Brew Built BE35 Brewing Kettle has a sleek design and features the trademarked BrewBuilt logo. The logo is in black print that matches the silicone handle grips, lever, and level gauge printed on the interior. It has a capacity of 15 gallons and is perfect for bag, hybrid, or all-grain brewing.

brew built brew kettleThis brew kettle is manufactured from 304 stainless steel and has a tri-clad bottom. This is a high grade of stainless steel that ensures long lasting quality and durability. The tri-clad bottom is composed of a layer of aluminum that is pressed between two layers of stainless steel. This helps to disperse heat and reduce the chance of scorching.

Heat dispersion also assists with maintaining a vigorous boil. Keeping a good boil is very important and to aid with this NarCal has implemented a 1.2:1 height to width ratio. This is the perfect ratio for proper heat dispersion and it also helps to reduce levels of evaporation.

The BrewBuilt Brewing Kettle also features a stainless steel ball-valve with lever and silicone grip. This is a huge advantage if you plan on all-grain brewing. It is also very helpful with cleaning and transfers.

Above the valve is a male stainless steel plug. The plug can be easily removed to place a thermometer. This is a convenient advantage and the kettle also includes Teflon tape to ensure there won’t be leaks if thermometer is installed.

8 gallon brew kettleThe handles and lid are intuitively designed. The handles are larger than most brew kettles’ and are gently angled upward to support heavy weight and conveniently provide a place to hang the lid. The lid has a silicone plug on the outer rim. This allows you to hang a brew bag or take a surface temp without needing to remove the lid.

  • Level Gauge
  • Silicone Grips
  • Tri-clad Bottom
  • Thermometer Port
  • Stainless Lever and Ball-Valve



Although this brew kettle includes a thermometer port and ball-valve, it does not include a thermometer. It also does not include a false bottom which is what you will need if you plan on multi-purposing this into an all-grain set up.

false-bottom-brew-kettleThis isn’t a huge deal as you can easily pick up a cheap false bottom and thermometer. However, it does add additional cost and hassle that could be avoided with other brew kettle packages.

The black printed logo and level gauge look very nice against the stainless steel and match the silicone grips nicely. The only problem with this is overtime they can wear away unlike laser etching.


My Recommendation

Overall, the BrewBuilt BE35 Brewing Kettle is a very good brew kettle. I very much like the black silicone grips and the lid plug. They are a nice finishing touch that add to the aesthetics and practicality.

I also like the idea of the optional thermometer port. If at any point I want to add an onboard thermometer, all I will have to do is remove the bolt and install it. I am confident that this brew kettle will serve its purpose well for a long time.


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