The FastFerment Home Brew Fermenter Review

Fast Brewing is a company that is based in Toronto, Ontario. However, they manufacture their products in Michigan. They focus on creating products that are fast and efficient. Their FastFerment was created to make the process of fermentation quick and easy.

The FastFerment is designed to reduce the amount of work and time it takes to ferment a beer. It is also designed to keep your beer clean and without oxidation. They have done this by taking advance of gravity and implemented a system for easy tub removal.

General features

beer fermentation temperatureThe FastFerment looks different than a traditional fermenter. This is because it is meant to be mounted rather than supported by legs. It can be mounted to most surfaces using a screw and bracket system. This allows you to take better advantage of gravity for racking. If you don’t want to mount the unit, there are stands and carriers available purchased separately.

The main feature of the FastFerment is the removal trub bulb. This is located at the bottom of this conical fermenter that is separated by a valve that can be easily closed or opened. This removable bulb collects sediment while the beer ferments and allows you to discard it without disturbing the brew. To operate, keep the valve open during fermentation. This allows the sediment to settle into the bulb. When fermentation has finished close the valve, unscrew the bulb, and discard the trub.

This feature is very helpful. It allows you to transition into secondary fermentation without having to expose the brew to additional oxygen and risking contamination and/or off flavors. It also greatly separates the sediment from the wort and produces very clear beer. Just sanitize the bulb and place it back on the fermenter and let the process repeat.

At the top of the FastFerment is a 6-inch opening that makes cleaning a little easier and transferring less of a hassle. The screw on lid also has an opening for a blow off valve. All of these features are unique to the FastFerment and make the process much easier than using a traditional carboy.


  • Easy to clean
  • Produces clear beer
  • Wall mounting system
  • Primary and secondary fermentation


  • Plastic
  • Trub valve can become clogged
  • Supports about 5-gallon batches
  • Vessel is not completely smooth



beer fermenters The biggest downfall is the plastic. The entire body is made of plastic. This includes the valve, vessel, lid, and trub bulb. Plastic can be harder to clean than steel and glass and it can also more easily harbor orders.

The plastic threading on the lid, valve, and trub bulb can also lower the integrity of a good seal. In some cases, the lower threading has been known to slowly leak and the threading can also lose its fit over time.

The threading on the valve to the vessel and the threading of the bulb to the valve also run in the same direction. Because of this, you must be careful when removing the bulb as to not also loosen the valve to vessel. This could have been avoided if one of the sets of threads was reversed.

It also only supports about 5-gallon batches.



top fermented beerOverall, the FastFerment is an out of the box thinking product. It does a great job of taking advantage of gravity to make racking and trub separation easy. This is the big reason why I would recommend this fermenter.

It completely eliminates the need to transfer your beer from primary to secondary fermentation. This can take a lot of time and work and it isn’t necessary when you are able to completely move the sediment from the beer. This method greatly reduces the risk of oxygen contamination.

I would recommend the FastFerment to anyone struggling with managing their carboys. It is much lighter and reduces the amount of required transfers. This will save you time and effort. It also comes at a very affordable price.

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