NY Brew Stainless Steel Immersion Wort Chiller Review

NY Brew Supply provides a wide range of brew supplies. However, they specialize in high quality and custom built wort chillers. With these, they aim to provide quality products that will last a lifetime and have a fair price tag.

With a lot of experience building and designing custom wort chillers, NY Brew Supplies has made available a stainless Wort Chiller that can rapidly cool wort.

General Features

stainless steel wort chillerThis immersion wort chiller works like all other immersion wort chillers. However, the biggest difference is it is made of stainless steel rather than copper. This makes it a bit more durable and can take years of wear and tear. Also, the immersed component, measuring 50 inches long, allows for more contact with the wort and in turn a faster reduction in temperature. The entire component measures 24 inches from top to bottom.

To operate, connect one of the garden hose fittings to a water source and the other to an exit hose. By doing this you allow water to run through the coils which is what will cool the beer. The colder the water and faster the current, the more quickly the wort will cool.

If you are brewing on a gas range in your kitchen, you can connect the chiller to the kitchen sink. Similarly, you can connect it to a laundry sink or an outside spigot. Wherever you have a water source just make sure you have somewhere for the water to exit. You can use a sink, bucket, or allow it to run outside.

Because this chiller is larger than most copper chillers it can be used to cool larger batches more easily. NY Brew Supply recommends this unit for 10 – 20 gallon batches. However, it can still be used for a five gallon.


  • 50 inches of stainless steel
  • Rapid temperature reduction
  • Garden Hose Fittings
  • 10 – 20 gallon batches


  • Hosing not included
  • Heavier than copper
  • Difficult to clean




Most immersion wort chillers come with rubber hosing that is used to attach the chiller to a water source. However, this one does not include these. Instead it has high quality garden hose attachments that are fitted to the chiller itself. This way you can attach a standard hose to the chiller and run another hose for exiting water. Because of this it isn’t ready to use right out of the package.

It will also need to be cleaned like most coil wort chillers. This means that it is important to scrub between all of the coils to make sure you are getting all of the sediment that will be attached after cooling. Do this with a brush while it is immersed In food grade sanitizer or boiling water.

It is also a bit heavier than copper. This unit just over 7 pounds. This won’t be a big deal for most people but it is important to consider as it may affect your work speed and storage ability.




As immersion wort chillers go, this is one of the best. It offers a lot of surface contact and can handle more water pressure than typical copper chillers. This is what allows for the incredibly quick cooling speeds.

Although it doesn’t come with rubber hosing; it can be used with standard garden hoses. This is extremely convenient because you can run as long of a hose as you need to your location. To me this is one of the best features.

If you are looking for a really good immersion wort chiller and don’t mind spending a little bit more cash, then you should seriously consider picking one up.

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