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At 52 Brews we view enjoying great beer as a way of life. Here we try to explore the beers of the world and share our observations with informational articles, reviews, commentary, and other awesome stuff. Chances are if there is a beer topic to talk about, we have a discussion about it already started. : )

We don’t consider any of us beer taste testing professional by any means. We are just normal guys who love great tasting beer and enjoy the journey of finding something new to spark our taste buds. We hope by sharing our favorites and some new finds that you will be encouraged to go out and try some new handcrafted beers of your own.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and try something new today. There are tons of different ways to expand your beer knowledge and experience without even leaving the house. Monthly beer delivery services and clubs have become quite popular and really help beginners experiment and try new selections. There are a few different clubs that we reference on a regular basis here because they are so helpful.

We are happy share our expedition of handcrafted beers, microbrews, and the wonderful culture behind all of it with you. We are convinces once you dive in, you’ll be hooked just like we were the first time we were introduced to a newer selection. Soon you will be looking at beer in a completely different light. Instead of simply drinking it, you’ll taste it, look for observations, and savor the excellence of the true brewing process.

Who knows, you might even want to start brewing some of your own! In which case, we have resources on brewing equipment and reviews on all of the top homebrew kits on the market today.

If you have any suggestions for topics you think we should write about or new brews we should try, feel free to send us an email.

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The Brewing Team

Mark Nielsen – Owner

Mark NielsenHi, my name is Mark Nielsen, the creator, and author of 52 Brews; a blog about the homebrewing process, techniques, beer updates, equipment reviews, beer of the month clubs, and many more.

Before I become a brewer myself, I enjoyed drinking different types of beer with my buddies, visiting local breweries and the out-of-state ones. We always get to learn something new in every brewery we discover, and with these learnings, I was inspired to brew my own beer.

Graduating from the San Diego Culinary Institute with a Diploma in Cuisine, I love incorporating beer with the food I make. The science behind beer and food are fascinating, and I always make sure to experiment with different beer styles and ingredients, creating food that is perfect for my family and drinking buddies, of course.

After 10 years of brewing, I know it is time to share what I know about the craft. This blog has helped me document my journey in homebrewing and now, I am going to share it with you. Join me as I gather more techniques on how to brew, create more product reviews, and discover more beer of the month clubs we can subscribe to; all for the love of beer.

Feel free to reach me at mark@52brews.com

Tyler West – Content Editor

Tyler West

Hi! My name is Tyler, I work with Mark as the Content Editor of 52 Brews. I became passionate about beer ever since a cool uncle of mine snuck me my first sip when I was 11 years old. I didn’t like it back then but I sure felt cool. I wanted to learn more about it, though, see what the fuss was about and that’s how my whole journey began. Today, I enjoy reading and writing about the different aspects of beer life. I love how it brings family and friends together and I hope we can share a drink one day too.

Feel free to reach me at tyler@52brews.com

Dylan Flores – Social Media Manager

Dylan Flores

Hi, I’m Dylan, I manage the social media accounts of 52 Brews. If you have questions or comments about our stuff, that’ll most likely be me replying to you. When I’m not online taking care of social media accounts for work, you can found me outdoors on the beach or the football field. Like everyone on the team, I am passionate about beer, home brewing, and the good times that come out of it.

Feel free to reach me at dylan@52brews.com

Austin Jones – Multimedia Artist

Austin Jones

Hey! My name is Austin Jones, I work as the graphic designer and video content editor here at 52 Brews. I’ve lived in three different countries over the past five years, but I’m now back in the States for the love of beer and my bros.

Feel free to reach me at austin@52brews.com

Address: 495 Grand Boulevard, Suite 206; Miramar Beach, FL 32550 USA

Phone Number: +1 (850) 417 8479


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