Beer in Ancient Egypt Podcast

The Ancient Art Podcast #51
Beer in Ancient Egypt

On a previous blog post, we have discussed the history of beer in America since 1587, when the first beer in America was made. We have created a timeline to show you the chronological order on how beer was first brewed until what we have now in the 21st century. Truly, our beloved beer has a rich and flavorful history that worth knowing.

In this podcast episode, join us together with Lucas Livingston, as we trace the roots of beer in Ancient Egypt. Yes, you read it right! Beer already existed in Ancient Egypt, the same time when cats were still considered as Gods (Well, this might not have changed until now for the cat lovers out there).

Here, we examine the arts, culture, history, and mythology around our favorite beer in Ancient Egypt. We might even share a few old beer recipes that Egyptians have followed. Other topics include explanations as to why beer was safer to drink than water, how beer was used as a commodity, its role in the funeral feast, and many more.

The ancient brewing process will also be discussed including crazy historical facts e.g. straws were used in drinking beer and ancient beer was not brewed with hops. Yes. No hops! Want to know how that became possible? Then you must stay tuned in this podcast episode!

For those who love the history and beer at the same time, then this podcast episode is definitely for you. Watch and listen as you get entertained and gain more knowledge about the world of beer.

Main Takeaways from this Podcast Episode:

  • Why beer was safer than water
  • Beer as a commodity
  • Archeological evidence of beer consumption
  • Wine during ancient Egypt
  • Role of beer in the afterlife
  • Beer in hieroglyphs
  • Drinking beer with a straw?
  • How beer was brewed in ancient Egypt
  • Ingredients of beer in ancient times
  • Use of nested pot refrigerator to preserve beer
  • Ancient Egyptian beer has no hops???

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