BarConic Lighted Beer Tower Review

BarConic Lighted Beer Tower with Ice Tube

BarConic makes a range of products and accessories primarily (though not exclusively) designed for the contemporary home bar. Everything from bottle openers to beer tower to pour spouts to swizzle sticks, wine carafes and this lighted beer tower with ice tube. While this product isn’t a familiar object to many bar-goers in the US, it’s incredibly popular in countries throughout Europe and Asia, and it was only a matter of time before the revolutionary capabilities of the LED light and the beer tower were brought together in such a fun and engaging manner.

A Quick History on Beer Towers

beer tower dispenser with ice tubeThe beer tower is actually banned from use in bars in many cities and towns in the US. As such, there is a significant proportion of the population who’ve never heard of them or had any experience with them. So a bit of background.

The ancestor of the beer tube was called the “picnic tap”. It was so named because it was intended to be used at barbecues and picnics. While early picnic taps required pumping to extract the beer, later versions relied on gravity. This modified version proved a hit and provided bar owners with a new way to attract customers.

BarConic Beer Tower: General Features

Pouring a glass of beerPerformance – The lighted beer tube from BarConic holds 100 ounces or just over 3 quarts of beer. As we said, that’s more than most other towers and enough to keep everyone happy for a while. The ice tube down the tower’s center makes sure that even if the gang is sipping rather than slurping the beer will stay nice and cold.

The lights though is where BarConic separates itself from the competition. They’re activated by simply flicking a switch, and because they’re battery operated you can activate them anywhere: on the deck, in the outdoor kitchen, at the campground, anywhere your heart desires. The clear, strong LED light slowly changes from one color to the next as it works its way through the spectrum and the result is as mesmerizing as any lava lamp you ever saw.

Materials and Design – The BarConic Lighted Tower is not concerned with re-inventing the wheel. It sports a standard shape but has a few touches to recommend it over other towers including its size and the aforementioned lights. It’s made of high density, impact resistant plastic that’s tough enough to survive if one of your guests accidentally tips it over. And, when subjected to regular use, the LED lights won’t ever need replacing, unless of course, you use it for upwards of 20+ years.

Chilling of the beer is typically accomplished by means of ice packs or, as is the case with this product, a tube for ice that extends the length of the tower. Most products today hold anywhere from 48 to 60 ounces of beer, but BarConic’s product will hold a generous 100 ounces. Enough to keep the party going for quite some time.


  • Large 100-ounce capacity
  • Long lasting, multi-colored LED internal lighting scheme
  • Battery operated lights will work anywhere
  • Affordable price point


Any Shortfalls?

Nothing is without its downside, but you have to fish around a bit to come up with something negative to say about this product. One could say that leaving the tower on a random table and allowing party guests to dispense their own beer is asking for some sort of trouble. Also, the ice tube is fairly narrow. That means if your ice maker produces large cubes you may have a hard time getting very many of them in the tube. You might have to break them up a bit first. So…

If the ice tube is something that turns you off, check out our review on other top-notch products. We review the best beer towers out on the market currently.


  • Narrow ice tube

BarConic beer tower with ice tubeIs it Worth Buying BarConic Lighted Beer Tower?

If you want to turn your home bar, or just your 4th of July party, into something special the BarConic Lighted Beer Tower with Ice Tube is just the thing. You’ll give any get together an international flavor and expose many of your guests to something they’ve never seen before in the process.

It’s fun and it’s practical; it’s a view to look at when the lights are going, and it frees you from having to stand behind the bar dispensing beers all night. This is a yes from us.