What is Beer Foam?

Beer By the Numbers Podcast
The Science Behind Beer Foam

Ever wondered why your beer creates a foamy surface on top when you pour it into a glass? What is the science behind beer and its foam? Also called as beer head, beer foam is always present when you pour beer (too bad if you haven’t noticed) and Ryan from Beer by the Numbers podcast will tackle this subject in this episode.

To give a little bit of background about the host, Ryan Manteufel has created Beers by The Numbers to entertain and provide informative beer content to all beer lovers out there. This podcast is dedicated to becoming one of the go-to podcasts if you want to learn more about beer. This podcast is different from the others since it focuses on good-to-know information in a very educational and entertaining way.

In this episode, Ryan uncovers the mysteries of the creamy foam. He compares the foam created when the beer is poured versus soda and champagne. Yes, your favorite soda also has a foam, right? But it is unlike the one in beer. Ryan will explain this further in this episode. Also, the science behind the creamy foam is defined in a way that is easily understood.

Besides, Ryan also explains the pH levels and its role in creating a good beer foam. It also triggers a mental sense that changes the way we perceive the taste of the beer. This idea was compared with mint and chili, which gives us the feeling of coolness and heat. Lacing will also be discussed, which is the residue left from the foam beer head as you drink your beer.

If you are interested in getting to know more about beer foam and its components, then you must watch this episode! This is an excellent way of learning something new about the beer we always love. Now, let’s get into the podcast!

Main Takeaways from the Podcast:

  • Different names of beer foam
  • Foam in beer vs. soda and champagne
  • The science behind the creation of beer foam
  • Components
  • Role of special beer glass
  • pH levels in bubble formation
  • What is beer lacing
  • Why some beer has more foam?
  • Drinking beer while wearing a lipstick – is it a big deal?

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