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Looking forward to drinking your favorite beer with an additional kick? If you agree and would love to discover beer to the next level, then you better make a beer cocktail! Join us in this podcast episode as we explore the world of beer cocktails with Jason Santamaria, Beer Architect, food enthusiast.

To know a little more about our guest, Jason Santamaria is one of the founders of the Second Self. They host tours, tastings, and events, bringing you closer to the world of beer. He is also the company’s taste ambassador and chef, dedicated to brewing remarkably high-quality beer made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

In this episode, hosts Aaron and Brian collaborate with Jason on his insights about beer and cocktails. Jason’s cocktail experience when he started mixing drinks during college to make cheap beers taste better. Now, he regularly mixes beer cocktails for friends, family, and for everyone alcoholic or non-alcoholic. They also discussed a wide range of topics from the definition of beer cocktail, the science of mixing liquors, the perfect ratio of ingredients, Jason’s cocktail recipes, and many more.

They also talked about the top ingredients to use in a beer cocktail; what to add and what to avoid. Jason also discussed how he finds other beer styles when being mixed with other liquors or ingredients. He said a few things about IPA in cocktails and how its bitterness affects the whole drink. Some breweries who joined the beer cocktail game were also mentioned, perfect for those who want to discover more about beer and cocktails.

If you are interested in mixing beer and other ingredients to give an additional, exciting taste to your drinks, then you must listen to this episode. Take down notes, especially when Jason is sharing the ingredients on his favorite beer cocktails. Now, let’s get into the podcast!

Main Takeaways:

  • Cocktail definition
  • How Jason started mixing beer cocktails
  • The science of mixing liquors
  • Perfect ratio of ingredients
  • Why Vodka is good in cocktails
  • IPA in cocktails
  • Cinnamon and apple cider for mixing
  • Other beer styles in cocktails
  • A few of Jason’s cocktail recipes

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