Beer News Round-Up

52 Brews Beer News Round-Up – July 2018

When you ask us what happened in the past month about the world of beer and brewery? We might not give you the specifics but we’ll say that “A lot” happened.

If you don’t know anything latest about beer, then you are missing an opportunity! But fret no more as we give you the up-to-date news about beers, homebrewing, new breweries in town, and many more!

A Snapshot for Craft Beer in 2018

5% increase of home brewersAccording to Brewers Association (BA), the growth of independent brewers remains active in the first half of 2018. This is true because independent craft brewers have brewed 5% more in the first half of 2018 compared to the previous period last year. In addition to the 6,655 breweries that are currently operating in the US, another 3,000 breweries are planning to be built. The competition will be very tight soon so current brewers must step up their game.

According to Brewers Association (BA):

“The data demonstrate that 2018 is on pace to have the highest number of brewery openings and closings to date. However, even as breweries close, openings continue to outpace the number far that shutter,” says Watson. “New players looking to enter the space should be aware of the constructs of the current landscape, work to differentiate themselves and will need to make quality beer to succeed.”

You can read their full statement here.

Beer Ice Cream: Now Officially Legal in New York State

beer and ice creamNow, this is interesting. Beer ice cream is now made legal in the State of New York as signed by its governor, Gov. Andrew Cuomo. It has been 10 years since wine ice cream was legalized and now, beer is added to the sweet, wide range of ice cream flavors.

You might want to check out the beer ice cream from Gilligan’s Island, an ice cream stand and diner, with the assistance of Good Nature Farm Brewery in Hamilton. Drop by at 64 N. Main St. in Sherburne and taste the newly-passed law by yourself. Oops, just a reminder. You need to be 21 years old and above to try it.

U.S. Beer Drinkers Pay More as Aluminum Tariffs Hit Cans

Aluminum Tariffs price increaseThis news is kind of a big problem for brewers and to beer consumers as well:

“U.S. President Donald Trump’s tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum, intended to protect American producers, are raising prices for a swath of Wisconsin-made goods that use metal for product containers, from beer to green beans.”

Based on the article, Octopi Brewing’s U.S. supplier of aluminum cans has increased its costs by 15% due to the tariffs. This apparently can be a massive hiccup on the brewers’ side, and as an effect to cover up the losses, the consumers will be sharing their dimes too.

New Craft Beer Bar in the Colony

beer on the tableFrom Texas? You might want to check out this new craft beer spot located at 6520 Cascades Ct. Growler USA calls itself the “America’s Microbrew Pub,” offering 100% American-made craft beverages. There is a huge guarantee that what they will only serve is fresh because every craft beverage is “conditioned, held, and dispensed.” Aside from the beer, you can also try their bacon burger and chicken avocado club.

Binge-Drinking May Put Your Heart at Risk

beer toastYou might want to rethink if you have plans on chugging your beer tonight.

According to the Economic Times, a new study has proven that “young adults who frequently binge drink are more likely to have specific cardiovascular risk factors at a younger age than non-binge drinkers.” Vanderbilt University researchers have found out that binge drinking is associated with higher systolic blood pressure and that frequent chuggers are most likely to have more cholesterol. Well, we do not want you to kill the party. You can still chug your beer if you want but only do it moderately.


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