52 Brews Beer News Round-Up – October 2018

52 Brews Beer News Round-Up – September 2018 cover image

A lot had happened in the world of beers and breweries the past month, and we’re here to give you a quick roundup of some of the beer news. From US sailors drinking all of the Nordic beer to beers inspired by boots (what), we’ve got it all here for you.

Here then, is 52 Brew’s monthly round-up of beer news from the brewing world.

Reykjavik Bars Run Out of Beers Serving Thirsty US Sailors

beer drinking ship crewsIt seems like our sailors and marines just couldn’t get enough of Icelandic beer. During a trip to the Nordic city for NATO military exercises, around 7,000 US sailors and marines reportedly drank so much beer that they caused a beer shortage in downtown Reykjavik, pushing bar owners to run for help and ask other bars for “emergency supplies.”

Sources from the local news site Visir say that “the soldiers preferred local beers over imports, and were very willing to sample different micro brews as well as the more popular standard lagers.” We wonder how their trip back to their barracks must have been like.

Brewers Association Board Proposes New Craft Brewer Definition

brewery houseThe board of directors of the Brewers Association is looking to change the official definition of a craft brewer, in a bid to be more inclusive of the needs of their voting members.

The current definition states that a craft brewer must be small, independent, and traditional. The traditional part is the one that they’re trying to change, since they’ve noticed that more and more craft brewers are now experimenting with non-traditional beer recipes like flavored malt, hard seltzers, and beers infused with THC and CBD.

Maine Craft Brewers Team Up with L.L. Bean

brewers meet upWe all know that boots are made for walking, but have you ever considered that boots can be made for drinking too? That’s right — L.L. Bean teamed up with independent craft brewers from Maine to create beers inspired by the retail giant’s fall boot collection.

The five breweries — Fogtown Brewing, Mast Landing Brewing, Orono Brewing, Rising Tide Brewing and Threshers Brewing. Churned out five brews which will make you recall the outdoors and get excited for fall, which we’re sure is what exactly L.L. Bean is hoping for ever since their name became almost synonymous to “fall” and “outdoors.”

Why Customers Are Trekking to This Microbrewery in Queens

beer glassesProbably because it’s rare for Astoria to have a microbrewery. Or maybe because it’s the first production brewery in Queens since the Prohibition ended there in 1933.

Whatever it is, SingleCut is attracting both old and young alike, even those who have to take a subway, a bus and a long walk just to sample its 1933 Pilsner and New England IPAs.

“It’s not on the way to many places except La Guardia Airport and Rikers Island,” said a bartender, Jerzy Gwiazdowski. “[But] there’s a strong neighborhood vibe, and the East Coast craft beer scene brings people from around the world.”