Beer of the Day Podcast #2
6 Coffee-Flavored Beers to Try

How many beer styles have you already tasted? What is the beer style that caught your attention the most? We all know that our beloved beer can be brewed with a wide range of ingredients, giving birth to new beer styles over time. But in this podcast review, we will be focusing on different beers with another all-time favorite of most people — coffee!

Beer of the Day Podcast Founders and hosts Dallas Heliker and Jeff Miller are joined by guests, Andy Hamilton and Steve Williamson in this episode where they will try coffee beers they have collected within 4 – 5 months and see which one is the best. To give you a little bit of a background about this podcast, Beer of the Day was created to provide beer reviews, and after 8 years, their website has improved into “socially-connected, user-driven, media-rich website encompassing all things beer.”

In this episode, 6 coffee beers of different styles (, from stouts to porters, to even a coffee-flavored Belgian Ale, were tasted and reviewed, giving you a complete overview on what they look like, what they taste like, and anything about it as a whole. Here is the list of the coffee beers reviewed in this episode:

  • Coronado Blue Bridge Coffee Stout
  • Firestone Velvet Mocha Merlin
  • Rogue Allegro Coffee Porter
  • Stone Stochasticity Series Master of Disguise
  • Eagle Rock Stimulus
  • Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout

Even though you do not have the beer in review in front of you, we guarantee you that by watching this podcast episode, you will feel like you are there with the hosts, holding a glass of beer. These beer experts share their thoughts, observation, and reactions (and even after-taste) on each drink. Expect that each review will be in-depth, enough to be a deciding factor whether you will try the beer or not.

If you are looking for coffee beers to try out in the market and where to buy them, you must watch this podcast episode. We guarantee you that this is going to be an hour that will be well-spent in high-quality beer reviews from the experts. Now, let’s get into the episode!