Beer Tasting Mastery Course Review

For an accurate insight into how some great beers taste, all you need to do is just enjoy the beer and let your taste buds dance to the rhythm of that popping beer. By taking up the beer tasting mastery course, you can learn how to taste the beer at its best directly from an expert, and you can start demystifying the fundamentals of beer.

This course will help you develop a tasting palate of a connoisseur. It builds up your beer vocabulary, teach your taste buds to pick up the subtle flavors, and helps to identify the off-flavors.

  • Are you a homebrewer who wants to get better at critiquing and improving the beer?
  • Are you a BJCP beer judge or a Cicerone?
  • You love crafting the beer and want to get the most out of your hobby?

Yes? Then, this course is for you.

If you want your taste buds to experience that light bulb moment and come out of the restricted world of aromas, try this out.

You can experience everything from “good,” “hoppy,” to“Matty.” Get to know other tastes like “bread,” “honey,” or “woody” and “saltine cracker,” You might even be welcome to other tases like “velvety” and “tangy.”

How do you choose the right beer for you?

The characteristics of the beer and the styles vary. Know:

  • The thing we’re all looking for in a beer,
  • What’s worth appreciating in a beer,
  • How to identify what’s failing in a not-so-good beer,

You’ll be able to spot, differentiate, contrast and hold all these perceptual attributes of the beer in high regard. If you know what to appreciate in a beer, you’ll know what’s lacking to deserve the appreciation in it.

You might have never realized the number of things out there to keep in mind before you get ready to have a good beer. You need to be aware of the temperature, glassware, taste, pouring, and the ambiance while you’re drinking. They are the essentials to judge any beer.

This beer tasting mastery course enables you to describe the distinct flavors in the beers accurately. The practical application is something it intends on so that you can discover all the flavors and get familiar with a wide range of fruits, spices, nuts, and other flavors of the beer.

BeerTastingMastery course review

The Fundamentals of Beer Tasting

Presented by an official Beer Judge graduate of the “Beer Judge Certification Program” (BJCP) judge who takes up a class, conducted via weekly online webinars. The judge gives the samples to all the students in the class and lets them evaluate the aroma, flavor, appearance, mouthfeel, and all the other characteristics of beer in the given time.

The instructor takes complete responsibility to make the students understand and explore different styles of beer. He conducts an hour-long beer exam and also encourages all the students to share their thoughts and comments in chat on how they felt the beer is like. This will help the students to advance their knowledge by sharing the beer description.

Course Homework

The Beer Tasting Mastery course not only conducts weekly beer tasting exams but also includes homework assignments. Not everyone might be acquainted enough with many fruits and spices. For all those who are kind of newbies who are not so familiar with heaps of fruits and spices of the world, these homework assignments help so much and are way more beneficial.

You can actually say what a clove or coriander smells like because of these homework assignments. It’s going to take you a while to get used to it, but the course does a good job of it. You will be able to identify the different flavors before you know it.

The Palate Challenge

This palate challenge happens to be conducted every week. Though it is a “palate” challenge, it is most likely to challenge the sense of smell rather than the tasting ability of the students.

This palate challenge aids the students in familiarizing themselves with the aromas of common characteristics of the beer.

In the first week, the students get to juice loads of citrus fruits. They will get to go through a blind smell test. So, they will be sniffing a lemon, orange, or some fruit and tell what fruit it is and you might just rename some fruits too. It’s so much fun to get trained with the beer tasting mastery course indeed.

The students will also get some dark malt items like chocolate, coffee, toffee, etc. They will have to put on a blindfold and name the item they sniff.

This palate challenge trains you up so good that a fully trained dog would envy you.

Line Them Up Challenge

The line them up challenge is the second weekly homework assignment. This is something where all the students get to evaluate three or more beers that are of the same style.

All of those beer samples will be kept side by side, and the students will have to identify very subtle differences lie among them. So, these are the ones that taste almost alike, but the way they are brewed is different.

Check out this fun and informative course on one of our favorite topics, beer!