The BeerSmith Podcast #174
Judging Beer with Mirella Amato

Are you a beer enthusiast who wants to improve your judgment when tasting different types of beer? Or are you a home brewer who strives to enhance his brew to its perfection? Whoever you are, Brad Smith from the Beer Smith podcast will help you sharpen your beer judging skills on this podcast episode alongside guest, Mirella Amato.

To give you a little bit of background about our guest, Mirella Amato is a National Level BJCP Beer Judge. She explains how she earned this title as a beer judge in just 2 years. Aside from that, she also wrote a book entitled “Beerology: Everything you need to Enjoy Beer…Even More” which is an ultimate guide in the world of exploring and understanding the world of beer. Mirella also offers beer consultancy services through her website at beerology.ca.

The topics covered in this episode is vastly huge; from the growth of Canadian craft beers, the life of a beer judge, the importance of knowing how to judge beer, how to submit your beer to a competition, and many more. Podcast host Brad and guest Marinella also explained how an average homebrewer can gain more knowledge in improving his palate and vocabulary in judging beers.

Also, Mirabella discusses the great things all home brewers can learn from reading her book, Beerology. She also shares her insights on what her website offers to the homebrewing world. Our guest in this episode is truly a gem in the world of beer.

If you want to enhance your palate and vocabulary in judging different types of beer, this podcast episode is perfect for you. We highly recommend that you take down notes when Brad and Mirabella discuss the important stuff to help you become a better home brewer.

Main Takeaways From the Podcast:

  • How to become a certified beer judge
  • What does a National Level BJCP Beer Judge do
  • Importance of being able to judge a beer
  • What a typical beer competition looks like
  • How beer panels work
  • How beer is judged
  • How to submit your beer in a competition
  • BJCP style guide
  • How to improve palate and vocabulary

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