Drizly Alcohol Delivery Service

Drizly Booze Delivery ServiceYou can get anything delivered right to your door these days. Naturally, booze delivery was going to come at some point. And in the booze delivery game, Drizly is the king.

Drizly is a delivery service that brings pretty much any kind of alcohol – hard liquor, wine, beer, mixers, and other related products – to customers’ doorsteps within sixty minutes, in most cases. They do this by partnering with local liquor stores, outlets and grocery stores. They can also ship the booze to you if you are not in a delivery area.

Cory Rellas, Nicholas Rellas and Justin Robinson founded Drizly in 2012 (thanks, guys!). The company operates out of Boston.

Drizly has tapped into the sharing economy and everything-delivered zeitgeist, utilizing the delivery model of other players like Uber Eats and Instacart, by using local delivery providers to fulfill online orders. (If it worked for burgers, why would it not work for beers?)

In this review we’ll explore how it works and Drizly’s pros and cons. We also provide quick tips on how to use the service and app, putting you in the know before you use it.

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How Does Drizly Work?

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Drizly provides an impressive variety of spirits, beer, wine and mixers, as well as ice and party supplies. You go on their website or their app, make your selections like in any e-commerce store, and then finalize your order. Simple. Like ordering from any food ordering app, too.

When you are selecting your drinks, notice that it will tell you which local partner will be delivering the booze. So for smaller orders, you’ll probably want to have it all delivered from the same place, to avoid multiple delivery fees and needing to receive two different deliveries. For larger or more complex orders, where one store may not have everything you want, you may need to split among various partners.

Drizly offers same-day service and even one-hour delivery windows at set times in most large US cities. Also, for our Canadian friends: Drizly is already in Calgary and Edmonton!

You can’t request one-hour delivery in all cities within the U.S., but the service provides the flexibility to choose a delivery window.

By the way – naturally, you must be 21 to use Drizly. Before any underage adventurers think of trying it – you’ll need an ID to receive a shipment, and your delivery person will scan it. If your ID doesn’t check out, you’ll be charged a $20 restocking fee.

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Drizly Delivery Fees

Drizly Beer Delivery ServiceSome delivery partners command a minimum order requirement in the range of $25-$30. It delivers in accordance with the partners’ operating hours.

The prerequisite is set by the delivery partner, not Drizly. There is also a delivery fee, which is added automatically to your bill. Remember also to tip your delivery person fairly! This is added automatically to your bill, but you can alter it.

Since all of these things vary so much by location, we recommend using the Store Finder feature on the website. There you can find partnering businesses near you and explore the minimum orders, fees, and more.

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Drizly as a Gift!

Drizly offers an awesome gift shipping and delivery service. Put in the recipient’s home or office address and select from thousands of gift options on the website.

It will ship or deliver the gift directly to the recipient, complete with your personal gift message.

For states not eligible for ground shipping, the company uses local delivery services to reach the recipient.

Drizly Returns Policy

Sometimes you discover Drizly delivered the wrong thing. Not to worry! They handle returns pretty easily.

All returns are processed by Drizly’s local partners and follow their respective refund policies. Customers must contact the phone number of the local grocery store or liquor outlet to initiate returns. They share the phone number in the order confirmation email.

Stores coordinate pick up within five days of the purchase. Any refunds are processed when the product is returned. Consult the Help Center section on the website for more details.

Also note: missing the delivery time at your address will cost you a $20 restocking fee too. Make sure you’re there!


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