EdgeStar Kegerator KC2000 Review

EdgeStar KC2000SS Kegerator Review

Once your ultimate craft brew is finished, you have a few options regarding what to do with it. Most folks will either bottle it up or use a growler. But if you really want to impress your friends and neighbors with your brewing prowess, there’s simply no substitute for a kegerator.

There is a number of reasonably priced kegerators on the market today but few that are as well-known or as widely purchased as the KC2000SS EdgeStar kegerator. Below we’re going to take a close look at this product and try to determine if it’s worthy of the hype.

EdgeStar KC2000 Kegerator: General Features

EdgeStar KC2000SS productFirst off, this kegerator is available in either the standard all black or as a black cabinet with a stainless steel door. It has to be said that the stainless steel door adds a touch of class to the proceedings and it is that model – signified by the “SS” for “stainless steel” – we are discussing here.

That said, the EdgeStar KC2000SS provides you a choice of either one or two taps. Which you choose will depend on how many guests you anticipate serving on any given occasion. It accommodates all half barrel kegs as well as any and all smaller kegs with only a couple of exceptions (Miller rubberized and Coors).

It’s something of a rarity today that all the hoses, handles, faucets and other hardware for this EdgeStar kegerator are made in the USA. Some will find that a major draw. Others will be drawn to the high-quality casters that allow for effortless movement even when fully loaded as well as the guardrail around the top that prevents glasses from accidentally sliding off onto the floor.

It also has to be said that all EdgeStar kegerators are extremely easy to set up. This is a big plus for the busy home brewer who has other things to worry about besides whether this or that aspect of the kegerator installation was handled properly.

As far as price goes, this product is going to set you back anywhere from about $450 to $600 depending on where you buy it, with the dual tap model running a bit more still.


  • Comes with a protective guardrail to prevent mishaps.
  • Available with a reversible door to accommodate your space.
  • Covered by limited 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • EdgeStar kegerator parts manufactured in the US.


Any Shortfalls?

Keg on the Edgestar KegeratorFinding any serious faults with this kegerator is difficult. Like our other kegerator reviews, we’re going to have to dig down and nitpick a bit in the interest of being thorough.

The EdgeStar KC2000SS is not compatible with absolutely every keg on the market. It’s going to reject any Coors, Miller, oversized or rubberized kegs. Home brew kegs themselves may require an extra fitting or two. But these are easily obtained. Check the owner’s manual to find out which fittings you may need.

Beyond that perhaps the only thing worth mentioning is that it doesn’t always hit the desired temp right off the bat. Sometimes, and only occasionally, you may need to fidget a bit with the dial before you obtain your desired temp. We don’t consider this much of an issue since it happens with quite a few kegerators, some costing quite a bit more than this EdgeStar kegerator.


  • May need to purchase an extra fitting for your homebrew keg.

EdgeStar KC2000 Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Recommended kegeratorLike all our reviews, we’re going to get down to the nitty-gritty. Is the EdgeStar KC2000 worth shelling out your hard earned money for? In a word, “yes.” This is an outstanding value that will deliver years of reliable service. And you won’t have to take out a second mortgage to pick one up. It’s thoughtfully engineered, well-constructed, attractive, effective, and dependable.

All the key components are made in the US and installation is simple and straightforward. If you need to add a fitting, they are easy to find and install. This EdgeStar kegerator also comes with an externally mounted, brewer-preferred aluminum CO2 cylinder.

Whether you want to serve your home brew over the holidays or load up a commercially available brew for the big game because you’re between batches the KC2000 is an effortless way to deliver the suds to your thirsty buds. The bottom line is that we wholeheartedly recommend the KC2000 EdgeStar kegerator.