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Gold Medal Wine Club Review

Gold Medal Wine of the Club Monthly SubscriptionGold Medal Wine Club is unique in several different ways. Their focus is on the small-production, family-owned wineries whose hand-crafted wines cannot be easily found (if at all), in retail stores. Perhaps the epitome of that concept is a club offering they call the Garagiste Club (Gar-a-jheest, is a French term for making wine in small, garage-type settings). This club showcases wines made by individual, artisan winemakers who typically have another winemaker job at a bigger winery. These wines are their pet projects and made exactly how they want them, and not dictated by someone else. These wines are impossible to find!

After 28 years, GMWC knows where the bodies are buried and has perfected the task of finding under-the-radar wine gems. With six distinct club options and lots of customized options, they pretty much have you covered. 2 bottles? 4 Bottles? 6 Bottles or more? Sure thing. Red only? Pinot Noirs only? Only 90+ rated wines? Check, Check and Check! And it goes without saying that you can also choose how often you want shipments to arrive.

Regardless of what you get in each delivery, every shipment comes with in-depth information about the wines and history of the wineries. They even include bios on the owners so you know how the heck they got into this crazy, wonderful business. Truly a full-immersion experience.

Oh, and did we mention that each and every wine is produced by a 100% legitimate, authentic open-to-the-public winery? There’s real history and intrigue behind each brand. Everyone has seen those mass-produced wines with cute labels and brand names that sound like someone used a thesaurus? These are all made from wine purchased on the bulk market from a farmer trying to get rid of it. They get a good deal so they can sell at a deceptively low price. Do you hear that giant sucking sound?

Don’t be fooled, go with the best in the business at delivering what you like to drink—Gold Medal Wine Club. That’s our choice.

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Plan Offerings

The Gold Medal Wine Club offers six different plans that each offer unique types of wines.

Gold – Their most popular club, exclusively featuring California wines from boutique wineries that you won’t find often (2+ bottles monthly starting at $39)

Platinum – Featuring 90+ rated wines from premium winemakers (2+ bottles monthly starting at $96)

International – Access to international wines from family-owned wineries with the option to add gourmet food to compliment the selection (3 bottles quarterly for $75)

Garagiste – Artisan wines crafted in small batches from independent wineries you won’t find anywhere else (2+ bottles monthly starting at $75)

Pinot Noir – New pinot noirs from small-batch wineries (2+ bottles monthly starting at $76)

Diamond – Luxury premium wines with ratings of 93+ (2+ bottles shipped quarterly, starting at $188)

For any of these plans, you will get:

  • 2 to 12 bottles depending on your preference
  • A full-color publication with information about the winery, selected wines, recipes, news, and more
  • Chances to earn free bottles of wine by referring friends


Deliver now or deliver at a specific time later—that’s your choice. There are only a small handful of states they (nor anyone else) can ship to. Shipments go out the door every weekday and take anywhere from 3 to 10 days to arrive, depending on the destination zip code.

Customer Service

GMWC has a specially trained staff to help you through any predicament. Change a club, add a club, on vacation for a week? No problem, they’ll handle it.


If there is ever a problem with the wines you receive, they will replace or credit your account. They want you to be happy!

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Five Star Reviews ***** 

Customers don’t stick around for 5, 10, 20 years like they do with GMWC unless you are more than satisfied . . . 


Anita K. 

Verified Reviewer 

5 star rating *****

Excellent Wine! 

Review by Anita K. on 17 Jan 2018 review stating 

Excellent Wine! 

Great wine and service! Love the convenience and always excited to get the monthly shipment.


Toni Y. 

Verified Reviewer 

5 star rating *****

Give as a Gift! 

Review by Toni Y. on 12 Jan 2018 review stating 

Give as a Gift! 

Gold Medal Wine Club is great. I have given their wine to my sister for Christmas and her birthday. It is easy and you can pick and choose what you send. I gave my sister a mixed 2 bottle box for 3 months. She loved it, but as it is winter asked if it was possible to just send red. I called and no problem.


Warren P. 

Verified Reviewer 

5 star rating *****

GM Wine Club 

Review by Warren P. on 28 Dec 2017 review stating 

So we’ve been members for almost 22 years. I think we’ve been Platinum members for maybe 15 yrs. That says it all. Wines selected are awesome, accompanied by great newsletter describing each wine, great member discounts and awesome customer service. Have had a few corked bottles but they are always gladly replaced.


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