7 Highest ABV Beers: High Alcohol Content Brew That Actually Taste Good

Want to take your drinking up a notch by trying beers with high alcoholic content? Drinking your local beer all the time might get boring for some time, and you are probably thinking of exploring other beers in the market.

But you are not just looking for some beer; you are looking for a beer that has a higher ABV (alcohol by volume) so you can also test your limits as a beer lover and an enthusiast.

To help you with this drinking journey of yours, we have listed our top 7 highest ABV beers that taste amazingly good.

1. Troegenator Double Bock

  • ABV: 8.2%
  • Brewery: Troegs

Troegenator Double BockBrewed by Troegs, the Double Bock is made from chocolate, Munich, Pilsner, German Northern Brewer, Magnum, and Lager.

It is thick and chewy with intense notes of caramel and chocolate. Popping the bottle will give you a scent of Christmas with cinnamon and gingerbread.

Aside from caramel, you can also taste sweet mash and dried stone fruit. Beer writer Lew Bryson has also named the Troegenator Double Bock as the best beer he had in 2004.

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2. Delirium Tremens

  • ABV: 8.5%
  • Brewery: Huyghe Brewery

Delirium TremensAs described on the website, “Sipping this beer feels like the sound shot of alcohol is igniting the mouth. The tongue and palate are warmed.

Its roundness characterizes the taste. The aftertaste is strong, long-lasting and dry bitter.” Its scent is slightly malty which gives a nice touch of alcohol and spice.

“Delirium Tremens was nominated as the “best beer in the world” in 1997 and won a gold medal during the World Beer Championships in Chicago in 1998. The brewery’s other beers have also won multiple awards.”

– Andrew Thomas, VinePair

3. G’Knight Imperial Red

  • ABV: 8.7%
  • Brewery: Oskar Blues Brewery

G'Knight Imperial RedThis beer was brewed with an impressive background. There is a quote on the can saying “If you knew the man behind this tribute, this ale needs no explanation. If you didn’t, we’re sorry.”

It is a tribute to Gordon Knight, a Vietnam vet, who died fighting the Lyons, Colorado forest fire in 2002. [1]

Aside from being a soldier, Knight was also a helicopter pilot, a beer enthusiast, and brewer himself. It is lightly carbonated with tea flavor, and it gives you a surprisingly smooth finish.

4. De Dolle Dulle Teve 10º

  • ABV: 10%
  • Brewery: De Dolle Brouwers

De Dolle Dulle Teve 10ºWhen translated, the name of this beer is called “Mad Bitch.” It is an all-malt brew with white candy in the kettle and refermented.

This is a fruity beer, full of aroma, and fun to drink with a touch of butterscotch.

When drinking this beer, you will taste a hint of different flavors like peach, apricot, raisins, bourbon, fudge, white pepper, and many more.

5. Japanese Green Tea IPA

  • ABV: 10.1%
  • Brewery: Baird Brewing Company, Ishii Brewing Co., Stone Brewing Co.

Japanese Green Tea IPAA double IPA with an ABV of 10.1%, this beer is brewed by 3 different brewing companies Baird, Ishii, and Stone.

The brewers said that this beer is an “extension of our ‘What if’ mentality” and they took it to the next level by brewing a beer made of green tea. The tea flavor is delicate, and the hop finish is not too much.

IPA lover? Here are some of our other favorite IPA beers.

6. Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout

  • ABV: 12.9%
  • Brewery: Goose Island Beer Company

Bourbon County Brand Coffee StoutThis Imperial Stout Aged in Bourbon Barrels is made from 2-Row, Black Malt, Caramel, Chocolate, Munich, and Roast Barley. Its taste is dominated by coffee, dark chocolate, vanilla, and wood.

This beer is perfect for those who love beer and coffee at the same time.

Intelligentsia coffee strongly influences its taste, and aside from that, it is housed in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels for eight months.

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7. 120 Minute IPA

  • ABV: 15-20%
  • Brewery: Dogfish Head

120 Minute IPAThis is one of the strongest beer on our list with a alcohol content of 15-20%. The sweet citrus, piney, floral hop aromas, almost candy-like aroma of this beer imperial IPA will surely leave you wanting for more. [2]

Its flavor will give you hoppy with some hop resin character, and its mouthful experience will bring you a slight coating with lingering bitterness.

Dogfish Head considers this beer as the Holy Grail for hopheads.

Final Thoughts On High ABV Beers

There you have it! You now have the idea on what high ABV beers to drink. There are lots of other high alcohol content beer options out there and to be honest, this list is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you encounter other high ABV beers that are not on this list but are also extremely good, leave us a comment and share your experience!

Happy drinking!

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