IFS Podcast Craft Beer & Social Media

IFS Podcast: Craft Beer & Social Media

Social media has been influential for the last couple of years and the beer industry did not falter with this innovation. Untappd is a mobile app created for beer lovers. To learn more about the app, the best person to invite in this podcast episode is the founder and creator itself.

Ed Grohl, Easy Pretzel, and Bearcat from the IFS Podcast have met with Greg Avola, co-founder of Untappd, Tierney Pomone of Stouts and Stilettos and the legendary Jeff Kupko to discuss the role of social media in the beer industry.

Greg explained how he came up with the idea of creating an app that has the information he wants to know about the beer he is drinking.

In addition, he also touches how Untappd connects beer drinkers virtually. Aside from connecting with other beer lovers, the app can also be a checklist of the beers you have tried with the option of giving it a rating. When you drink new beers, you can unlock new badges and achievements along the way.

Other great features of the app include updated menus, recommended beers to try, and local events where you can stay up-to-date with venue and brewery events alerts.

This podcast episode was recorded live in front of a live audience who are proud users of Untappd. Pretty cool, right?

If you are interested in getting to know this app, its features, benefits, and role in improving the beer industry in a social media platform, this podcast episode is definitely for you. Expect to be amazed with the ideas of these innovators in the craft beer industry.

Main Takeaways from this Episode:

  • What is Untappd
  • Creation of Untappd
  • Features and benefits of the app
  • How to virtually connect with beer lovers
  • How social media influences today‚Äôs world
  • Providing beer ratings using the app
  • User privacy of Untappd
  • Other social media apps within the beer industry

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