Micro Matic Jockey Box Review

Micro Matic Jockey Box Review

Keeping the beer cold at parties, BBQs, weddings and holiday celebrations is a problem that has vexed humanity since time immemorial. Today, however, we finally have a solution: The Micro Matic Jockey Box.

It uses a dispensing coil that is submerged in ice. The beer is drawn through the coil and delivered into your glass icy cold. Because the jockey box is fully insulated and kept closed, the ice melts slowly. Still, you need to keep your eye on it and make sure you drain away melt water on a regular basis and refresh the ice.

Micro Matic Jockey Box: General Features

Micro Matic Jockey BoxThe Mirco Matic Jockey Box is 21 inches long, 10 ⅞ inches wide and 13 1/2 inches deep – approximately the size of a standard cooler – and features:

  • Heavy-duty reinforced handles for safe carrying
  • Snap-lock child protective system
  • Robust insulation throughout
  • 2, 50-foot chrome plated cooling coils


Performance – Cooling beer isn’t rocket science but the way some coil coolers mess it up you’d think it was. Thankfully Micro Matic gets it right because they understand it all begins with the coil. In essence, the longer the cooling coil the colder the beer. That’s because longer cooling coils mean longer exposure to the icy cold water in the box. The 100-foot coil within means you can confidently use the product at large gatherings where you might be dispensing beers at a fairly rapid clip. Just remember to draw a small amount of beer through the coils before adding ice to this beer jockey box.

Materials and Design – Let’s be honest, this product isn’t going to win any industrial design awards. It’s just a cooler with a faucet poking out of one side for you to draw your beer from. Anyone who opens it expecting to find cans of soda inside (and there are a lot of people who will) instead will see a coil through which the beer circulates in order to cool down before it reaches the taps. But that’s fine. After all, it’s a device to keep your beer cold, not to transport your Faberge eggs. It’s perfect for what it is, and the various component parts are well-made and should hold up to normal wear and tear for a good long time.

The Brand – Micro Matic has been producing keg-related accessories for breweries, bars, restaurants, retailers and the general beer loving public for more than 60 years. Headquartered in the US with training, service and distribution centers worldwide they are widely considered a global leader in adult beverage dispensing systems, including items like the Jockey Box.

Cleaning – It’s important to keep anything you use to dispense food or beverages clean at all times. Therefore, after each use make sure you clean the it thoroughly. That means flushing beer out of the lines and coil using a pressurized cleaning kit. If you don’t have one there are many places online where you can get one. Make sure you remove the faucet as well and clean it thoroughly.


  • Extra-long cooling coil
  • Outstanding construction throughout
  • Child safe-lock system prevents accidents
  • Affordable quality


Any Shortfalls?

It’s a simple, well-built device and so there are not a lot of things that can go wrong with it. However, partly because nothing is perfect and partly because we’re sticklers for detail we feel compelled to point out that you should be careful when removing and replacing the faucet. Also, you’re going to have to invest in some sort of high pressure or chemical cleaner.


  • Care must be taken when removing the faucet
  • Necessary investment in a proper cleaning device

Micro Matic Jockey Box: Is it Worth Buying?

Product imageIf you’re tired of serving your guests warm beer on hot days, you owe it to yourself and them to pick up a Micro Matic Jockey Box. It’s super simple to set up, easy to use, keeps your beer frosty cold and requires little by way of maintenance other than the same type of cleaning you engage in with all your food service items.

On top of that, it costs about the same as your average video game but try to keep your beer cold with a copy of God of War.