Top 5 Beer Styles Challenge

The BAOS Podcast: Top 5 Beer Styles Challenge

Have you ever wondered how many beer styles exist in the world? Or do you want to know the top beer styles to improve your beer palate? No worries because Cee and Tiffany will be identifying their top five beer styles in this episode.

To give you a little bit of background about the show, Beer & Other Shhh (BAOS) Podcast was created by Aussie Cee and Canuck Scott ‘Beer’ Cole, and their goal is to help the audience understand and enjoy drinking craft beer. This podcast aims to target craft beer newcomers and giving brewers a chance to be interviewed so they can promote their product.

In this episode, Cee and Tiffany have listed their top five beer styles, and they gave their thoughts on why they taught these are worth the try. They also discussed their personal experience in drinking these beers. Something that we can all relate to.

You will not want to miss this episode if you’re going to get an idea of what beer style should explore next. There are a lot of beer styles in the world, and it is best to get tips from the experts so every try you make will be purely amazing. We suggest that you take down notes while watching this episode. Now, let’s get into the podcast!


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