The BeerSmith Podcast #115

The BeerSmith Podcast #115
Historical Beer Myths with Randy Mosher

Everywhere we go, there are a lot of myths almost about anything. Our history is full of it; some believed that the earth was flat and that Julius Caesar was born by caesarian section thus, the said name was invented. It is so silly that when we choose to drink beer and try to forget these bizarre beliefs, it gets crazier only to find out that even beer has myths.

To give us clarity on these historical beer myths, Randy Mosher was invited by BeerSmith in their podcast episode #115. Randy is a well-known master brewer and author, who wrote the brewing books The Brewers Companion (1991), Radical Brewing (2004) and Tasting Beer (2009). He is also a faculty member of Siebel Institute, America’s oldest brewing school. Aside from writing his books, Randy also collaborates with beer enthusiasts around the world to share his intelligence and love for beer.

Randy will share his insights on his recent AHA Conference presentation about “Almost Everything You Know About Beer History is Wrong” which has been the basis of this podcast episode. He will also explain how myths are formed and its effects on being passed from generation to generation. He will also discuss how beer styles have changed over time and its comparison from its historical counterparts. The importance of studying graphics, images, and labels regarding beer will also be discussed in this episode.

You will not want to miss this episode if you would like to hear the truth behind known beer myths. Watching this podcast episode is an excellent opportunity in learning from one of the brewing experts we have today. Now, let’s get into the podcast!

Main Takeaways:

  • How myths are formed
  • The challenges in studying beer history
  • Innovation on beer styles throughout the years
  • Importance of graphics and labels in studying beer
  • Roots of IPA
  • Origins of Lager versus myths
  • Anchor Steam beer history

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