The BAOS Podcast #34
Beer Mail with Julien Pouliot (Brewster Club)

How does it feel to be working on a beer club where you get to travel to different states to choose 10 – 12 craft beers and ship it directly to its subscribers? Julien Pouliot from the Brewster Club is invited for this episode to give us some background on the life of a beer club owner.

To give you a little bit of background about our guest, Julien Pouliot owns the Brewster Club, a three-branch company dedicated to bringing you the undiscovered beers of the country. Their main branch manages the delivery, the second store is a retail store in New York, and the third is an online marketplace which handles the online subscriptions. Julien shared their humble beginnings when he and his friends went on a road trip from Detriot to Iowa. They passed by a few breweries, and as beer lovers, Jean and his friends did not miss the opportunity in tasting their beers. Because of their passion for sharing what he tasted to others, Julien decided to build Brewster Club along with his friends.

In this episode, Julien has discussed their criteria on how they choose breweries to partner with. He explained that they are looking for independent breweries with minimal volume of production and their beers must not be distributed outside their state. The mission of Brewster Club is to give you beers that you cannot find in your local grocery store.

Other details on their road trips to Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, Baltimore, and many more will be shared on this podcast episode. If you want to be inspired on how Julien has turned his passion into a business, you should not miss this episode. Now, let’s get into the podcast!