All The Different Types and Styles of Beer

Styles of BeerNo one likes every different type of beer. I will be the first to admit that I don’t care for some styles of brew. I will try anything and I even write reviews about some that I don’t prefer. You might see some beers on here that you don’t like either, but developing taste and palate preferences is a learning and growing process. I just want to you to reach out and try something new. There is a huge number of complex flavors out there that you can try.

It’s important to try new things and learn why they taste the way they do. Then you can know what flavor profiles you like and what ones you want to avoid in the future. Who knows; you might even find something you like that you thought you wouldn’t. It’s important to understand your tastes, so you can discover new styles, experiment with food pairings, or just find the best beers to satisfy your palate.

6 Basic Styles of Beer

Today, brewing has evolved into a household hobby across the country. When Jimmy Carter repealed the ban on home brewing in 1978, microbrewers, craft beer makers, and pubs had the freedom to experiment and create new beers that never existed before. There are countless different styles of beer available today. Here are some of the basic types that you can find in stores and local brewers’ selections. Keep in mind that these are the stereotypical styles. There are always variations.

1. Wheat Beer

Wheat beer is brewed with a smaller amount of malted barley than the amount of wheat. Wheat beers are some of the oldest brews in the worlds and typically have a cloudy façade. These are most commonly made without hops, but many people have also incorporated hops into their wheat recipes. Wheat brews with hops tend to be extremely low. Without hops, these tend to have a distinct and unique yeast flavor an aroma.

2. Ale

Ale is another style of brew that uses malted barley and a warm fermentation process. Ales traditionally use hops in their production. Hops help preserve the beer. It also creates a, herbal, bitter taste to offset the sweet flavor of the malt also used in the brewing process. Ale is one of the most popular and widespread styles of beer in the world.

3. Brown Ale

Brown ale is a specific type of ale. It has a light brown façade that emits an amber hue. Most brown ales only use a small amount of hops and have a mild flavor and interesting mouthfeel.

4. Pale Ale

Pale ale is definitely one of the most popular types ale in the world. It might even be the most popular beer in the world. This ale uses pale malt during the brewing process that produces a bold, malty and woody flavor. Some people even describe it as a spicy taste.

5. IPA

IPA, or Indian Pale Ale, is an ale with an interesting history. When the British first occupied India, the traditional British pale ale of the day would spoil before most of the British had a chance to drink it.

Thus, the IPA was born. The British solution to the spoiling problem was to increase the amount of hops that was during the brewing process. The hops increased the shelf life of the beer. It also gave the newly brewed beverage a bitter profile that wasn’t there before the use of hops. Today, people all across the US and Britain enjoy the taste of IPAs.

6. Porter

Porter, sometimes called a stout (even though technically a stout is different), is a dark beer that was originally created in London during the 18th. Many people hypothesize that “Stout” beers were created from the original porters. People tend to refer to strongest porters as stouts. This is why stouts and porters tend to get confused by people without a beer affinity. They have many similar characteristics and are even made with similar processes. Typically, porters commonly tend to have a roasted flavor that usually has higher alcohol content than stouts.

7. Lager Beer

Lager is beer that has been conditioned at low temperatures. Common lagers include golden, pale, and dark, where pale is the most common type. It’s the most consumed type and readily available commercially. You make recognise some common lagers include Corona, Heineken, Kiring, and Carlsberg.

Discover Your Own Tastes

This is just a brief intro into the world of common beer styles and types. The beer world is vast, but with my knowledge and experience, I will be adding more styles as I have time.

Like I said before, it’s important to know the terminology and be able to define what you like and what you don’t like. That way you can explore new flavors and experiment with new combinations. Once you know what you like, you can find more it.

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