5 Best Propane Brew Burner Products
Indoor & Outdoor Brewing

I guess you could say this is some sort of a disclaimer, but I can’t stress it enough.

It is so important to purchase good quality home brewing equipment. Otherwise, the quality and taste of your beer may suffer, and it can also turn a fun hobby into a frustrating nightmare.

This is definitely true for the homebrew burner.

The days of trying to boil substantial amounts of liquid on your stovetop are over.

Purchasing a good quality burner alongside a nice brew kettle will allow for great, even heat distribution and help prevent scorching. A quality homebrewing burner will also speed up the boiling process significantly minimizing the time spent waiting around.

In addition to quick boil times, it provides a large surface area that can keep large brew kettles nice and stable.

If you’re new to the homebrew world and are looking for a decent propane burner for brewing (or the very best), below are my top 5 picks for any beer enthusiast.

Hopefully this helps you narrow it down to help you get a better idea of what you are or should be looking for!

Our Top Brewing Burners for 2018

Precise Adjustments
#1 - Edelmetall Brü Burner
Edelmetall Brü Burner small
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18.5 x 14.8 x 15.8 inches

#2 - Bayou Classic KAB4
Bayou Classic KAB4 small
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30 PSI regulator

10 x 14 x 22 inches

#3 - Dark Star Burner 2.0
Dark Star Burner 2.0 small
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18 x 18 x 13.5 inches

#4 - Bayou Classic SS84
Bayou Classic SS84 small
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10 PSI regulator

20 x 16.8 x 14 inches

#5 - Blichmann Floor Burner
Blichmann Floor Burner small
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18 x 12 x 15 inches


#1 Edelmetall Brü Burner (Our Favorite)

Edelmetall Brü propane burner for brewing

The first thing you’ll notice about the Edelmetall Brü Burner is the sharp, sexy look of the copper accents and the elegant Edelmetall nameplate.

However, the Edelmetall Brü isn’t just good looks; it’s packed with personality and power.

This propane burner is made from brushed stainless steel and copper and will pump out up to 72,000 BTU an hour.

You’ll find that it only takes a few minutes to get a large kettle of wort to a full rolling boil, so no more waiting around.

It is also extremely efficient and clean and will not leave burn marks or soot on your shiny brew kettle.

Like the Blichmann Floor Burner, the Edelmetall Brü also has optional extension legs that will produce 27” height to make draining easier.

If you like top-of-the-line products, then this brew burner is one of them.


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#2 Bayou Classic KAB4 Bayou Cooker

Bayou Classic KAB6 CookerThe Bayou Classic Banjo Cooker is an excellent quality brewing burner that provides a ridiculous amount of even heat.

This heavy-duty homebrew propane burner is capable of dishing out high BTU output, up to 100,000 and more, which is plenty of heat to boil several gallons in just minutes. It also has a 22” cooking surface, which is large enough to fit most brew kettles.

Bayou Classic is made from high quality, heavy duty cast iron for enhanced durability and heat resistance.

Also included is a 4 ft rubber hose, 30 PSI regulator and a brass control valve. Considering everything, this beer burner is an excellent value for the price.


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#3 Dark Star Burner 2.0

Dark Star 2.0 propane brew cookerThe Dark Star 2.0 doesn’t have much for features and isn’t necessarily the best looking unit on the market, but it sure does deliver the heat. Isn’t that what matters most?

The Dark Star 2.0 is capable of producing up to 65,000 BTU’s of heat per hour at a fraction of the price of the more mainstream brand propane burners.

Its simple design makes it very easy to use and powerful enough for up to 15 gallons of brew.

The Dark Star 2.0 is equipped with a wind guard, adjustable regulator, lighter power and 6” diameter banjo-style burner. The wind guard will come in handy for your outdoor brewing needs.

The Dark Star does not have optional height adjustment like some of the other propane burners, so this might not be the best option for those of you looking for something that will allow for a quick drain.


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#4 Bayou Classic SS84 Stainless Steel

Bayou Classic SS84 unit

The SS84 from Bayou Classic is capable of up to 60,000 BTU and is specifically designed for the home brewer.

It comes with features and specifications that compliment your home brewing needs.

The SS84 homebrew gas burner has an extra large cooking surface that helps keep large brew kettles nice and stable.

Another great feature in the SS84 is the wide range of flame control, which allows you dial in the perfect temp for your homebrew. The SS84 beer burner comes with a 10 psi cast iron regulator with a brass control valve.

The square frame body of the SS84 is made from welded stainless steel and comes with a windscreen that encompasses the propane cooker.


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#5 Blichmann Floor Homebrew Burner

Blichmann Gas unit

The Blichmann name is huge in the home brew supply world, and their propane floor burner is just another example of their well-engineered products.

This ultra-efficient propane burner for brewing is an all stainless steel design that puts out up to 72,000 BTU/hr. This unit will get your wort to a rolling boil in just minutes.

Blichmann also gives you the option to add leg extensions to bring your brew kettle 24” off of the ground, which allows you to drain your kettle much easier. This will make it easier for your outdoor and indoor brew projects.

This unit is also capable of being converted to a natural gas burner with a simpler conversion kit.

I always suggest going with a Blichmann product if you want something that will last.


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Best Brew Burner: Our Vote

There you have it, my top 5 homebrew burners list. These are all great propane cookers, and you’ll most likely be happy with any of these 5. However, if you’re looking for only the best quality, the Edelmetall Brü is going to be my top choice. Edelmetall always delivers extremely well-designed products that are designed specifically for home brewers.

My second choice has got to be the Bayou Classic KAB4 Bayou Cooker. This thing delivers some serious heat output at around 100,000 BTU and also provides a huge 22” cooking surface for nearly any sized brew kettle.

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