True Fabrications Growler Review

True Fabrications Growler Review

A beer growler is an airtight vessel used to transport beer. The purpose is to get your beer from point A to point B without it suffering a loss of quality. If, like a lot of homebrewers, you want to take your latest brew with you when you go to parties or to visit friends, you’ll want to have one of these on the shelf that you can call on. And none will be more dependable than the 64 oz Growler from True Fabrications.

True Fabrications Growler: General Features

The True Fabrications Growler is a classic glass vessel produced via machine processes to exacting standards. The amber tinted glass blocks UV rays from the sun from oxidizing your precious homebrew as you transport it hither and yon. At the same time, the cap screws down firmly to create an airtight seal so you can use it to store a quantity of your brew for a while. This is an attractive, beautifully executed glass vessel that can be appreciated for its aesthetic merits as much as its functionality.

Advantages Over Other Types

True Fabrications GrowlerThe True Fabrications glass growler has certain advantages over other types of growlers. Stainless steel for instance obviously won’t shatter if you drop them but at the same time, it’s nearly impossible to tell how much brew is left at any given time. Some folks, (though not everyone), also find that the stainless steel leaves the beer with a slightly metallic aftertaste.

As for ceramic growlers, they too do a good job of preserving your homebrew but, like stainless steel, you can’t see how much or how little brew you have left. They’re also typically the heaviest type and cleaning them effectively can be a challenge.


  • Effective protection from UV rays
  • Easy to carry, easy to pour
  • Far easier to clean than stainless or ceramic
  • More affordable than stainless or ceramic types


What are the Benefits?

Other products by competitorsThe True Fabrications Beer Growler provides a number of benefits that make it an indispensable tool for the homebrew aficionado. Those include:

The ability to share your new brew – The 64-ounce bottle makes it easy as pie to take your beer with you to the next party or holiday get together. No more standing around on your friend’s deck trying to describe your latest creation. Now you can simply pour them a glass and let them taste it for themselves. And because the product is airtight and UV resistant, the flavor will be spot on.

The ability to retrieve a sample from your favorite brewery – If there’s a brewery near you whose product you covet you’re now able to finally retrieve a sample to bring home and share at your next soiree. Just don’t show up at the brewery with a growler though, as you may wind up carrying it around all day for nothing. Call ahead first and find out if they’ll fill it for you.

Keg backup – Often times at parties the keg runs out and there’s a substantial lull in beer availability until a new keg is brought online. If you have a bottle on hand, you can siphon off the last of the keg contents into your bottle(s) and ensure there is still beer available while the keg is being replaced.


Any Shortfalls?

The one obvious potential shortcoming of the glass True Fabrications Growler is that it is just that: glass. As a result, should you slip and fall while transporting your homebrew to the big party things could get unpleasant. Most adults, however, has extensive experience carrying glass bottles and will make sure it gets where it’s supposed to, intact.

If glass is something you’re not into, we have other different types of products that we reviewed. Go check out our page on the best beer growler bottles out on the market.


  • Can break if dropped

True Fabrications Growler: Is it Worth Buying?

product image

Absolutely. The True Fabrications 64 oz Growler is a valuable accessory for any homebrew enthusiast, whether you’re just starting out or are a homebrew vet.

It’s attractive, convenient, useful and extremely affordable. Just the kind of thing that will come in handy more often than you can imagine. Even if you already have a ceramic or stainless steel type, try this glass one from True Fabrications. You’ll likely find yourself reaching for it time and again over your other growlers.