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Microbrewed’s International Beer Club gives its members within the U.S. a unique opportunity to try high-quality craft beers curated from over 10,000 international breweries from all over the world.

Microbrewed’s brewmasters are famously passionate (and rigorous) about how they select their beers, which helps explain why their club has been around since 1994. As a member, each month you get a box of their top recommendations shipped right to your door.

Given the international scope of this club, there’s a pretty good chance that you will not be able to find these beers easily in your supermarket (or even to order online). If you want to expand your beer knowledge on a global level, this is the club for you.

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How Does It Work?

The club’s goal is to help members explore and develop an appreciation for international craft beers worth discovering. Think of them as your global beer scouts. They scour the world to locate hard-to-find, quality beers at the best prices through their extensive brewery network. They put each beer through a rigorous taste test, select the ones they are going to recommend that month, and ship you 12 bottles.

Along with the beer, the Club sends a monthly newsletter called the Malt of the Earth. It contains information on the various featured international breweries and their beers, with tasting notes to explain why each beer was chosen. It also includes food pairing recommendations to complement the chosen beers.

The Club features all types of beers from lagers and IPA to stouts and ales. These craft beers range from savory and delicious, to light and full-bodied. One of the main reasons anyone joins a club is for variety, so they make sure you get plenty of it.

Just to get a sense of the depth of their selection, here are just four recent beers that were featured:

  • Hijos de Rivera – 1906 Red Vintage (Spain)
  • Pivovar Samson – Praga Premium Pils (Czech Republic)
  • Würzburger Hofbräu – Würzburger Pilsner (Germany)
  • Orkney Brewing – Skull Splitter (Scotland)

Members’ Monthly Selection Process

Club members also have the opportunity to customize the subscription box to enjoy even more bottles and varieties according to their own tastes and volume preferences.

Shipments can be delivered every month, every two months, or quarterly.

Membership terms:

  • Twelve bottles, 12 oz. craft beers in two styles (six beers per style)
  • No auto-renewal with 2-12 fixed-duration shipments
  • Free bartender’s bottle opener with all orders of three shipments or more

A monthly newsletter, detailing brewery histories, tasting notes, and food pairings.

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Online Community

The Club also has an active social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Members may follow popular posts, read international beer reviews, receive bonus gift vouchers, and contact the experts in case of any queries on their membership.

Sign up for the mailing list to receive exclusive member-only discount codes and notifications. The Beer Style Guide and Craft Beer Blog also act as useful resources for the latest beer trends, gifts recommendations, and brewery information.

Shipping and Returns

Shipping and handling cost an additional $15, no matter the club membership level.

Shipments arrive in the 3rd or 4th week of the month via a partner carrier specific to the customer’s region. The support department is available to advise on any estimated times of arrival for each member, in case of any uncertainties or returns queries.Craft Beer Customer Service

You must be 21 and above to sign for a shipment, or it will be returned to the fulfillment center. Any change of address notification must reach the Club before the first of the month.

The Club ships to all states, except Alaska, Alabama, Delaware, Kentucky, Hawaii, Nebraska, Mississippi, and Utah.


Customer Service

The Club has a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee that ensures that every shipment meets customers’ high standards. They will replace or refund any unsatisfactory bottles in full.

Unlike many other clubs, Microbrewed mans a 1-800 customer service line available for 10 hours a day on weekdays.

It’s important to remember that Microbrewed’s longevity speaks volumes about the quality of their service. They’ve served over 1 million members since 1994, and carry an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau since October 2005.

The International Beer Club – what’s the verdict?

The International Beer Club is perfect for craft beer enthusiasts looking to expand their tastes beyond the US. It provides some of the best new and classic global craft beers from other countries, hand-picked by top American beer experts, customized to your tastes, delivered every month right to your door, for pretty cheap. If you’re an international beer drinker, it’s just a superb deal which we highly recommend.

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