BrewBuilt AfterBurner Review
A Must-Have Product for Brewers?

BrewBuilt AfterBurner Review

The BrewBuilt AfterBurner is engineered to accommodate the largest kettles and boil beer quickly. You can get on with the task of creating the perfect homebrew. The AfterBurner assembles in a flash and is capable of being bolted to other AfterBurner to provide you with a multi-burner stand that can handle extraordinary amounts of wort at one time. Fashioned from high quality 304 stainless steel and designed using common sense ergonomic principles, the BrewBuilt AfterBurner is the most robust burner on the market today.

BrewBuilt AfterBurner: General Features

BrewBuilt AfterBurnerMaterials and Design – The 304 stainless steel used to make the BrewBuilt AfterBurner typically contains up to 24% chromium and is as much as 35% nickel. Toss in smaller amounts of carbon and manganese, and you have an alloy that is highly corrosion-resistant. This is important since most people do their cooking outdoors.

The design is wide and low and thus highly stable which makes it ideal for large vats of wort. It also provides you the option of installing casters on one side which enable you to quickly move the appliance around as needed. And of course, being able to create the aforementioned multi-burner stand is a great option to have as your microbrew aspirations blossom.


Performance – The BrewBuilt AfterBurner has a wide profile that provides excellent stability. It brings 25 gallons of wort to a boil in a hurry without draining the propane tank any quicker than the competition. There’s a circular hole for lighting the burner and an effective regulator for setting just the right flame.

There’s also a flame guard to protect you while lighting the appliance and during the boil. At 24” it’s just the right height for adding grain or hops to the brew and at the perfect level for draining the contents into a carboy when finished. It requires virtually no maintenance and won’t corrode away to uselessness like some discount burners.

top view of the productThe Brand – NorCal Brewing Solutions of California produce and distribute beer brewing, distilling, winemaking and other types of hardware for the adult beverage industry.

Their beer cooking stand is marketed under the BrewBuilt name and has a well-deserved reputation for being beautifully engineered, durable, dependable and easy to use.

NorCal operates a retail store in Redding California, but the vast majority of their sales are generated through their website where homebrew enthusiasts from all over the world find the products they need to realize their aspirations of microbrew supremacy.

Special Features – The BrewBuilt AfterBurner provides up to 100,000 BTUs. It also provides you the option of easily attaching a handle, wheels, a pump and of course additional burners should you want to make the leap to all-grain brews.


  • Durable 304 stainless steel construction
  • Up to 100,000 BTUs from your propane source
  • Brings your wort to a boil faster than any other burner


Any Shortfalls?

The BrewBuilt AfterBurner provides just about everything we’re looking for in a beer brewing stand.

It’s strong, durable, stable and corrosion resistant as well as being scalable.

So if there’s a downside here, it’s hard to see. About the only thing that may raise a few eyebrows is the price.

If price is something you’re concern about, then check out our review on other top-notch brewing stands.


  • Costs more than some other brewing stands

BrewBuilt AfterBurner: Is it Worth Buying?

product image

If we could only choose one beer brewing stand, we’d pick the BrewBuilt AfterBurner without hesitation.

It protects you from accidental contact with the flame. It will get things boiling faster than any other burner.

It’s one of the most energy-efficient burners around.

You can waste time and money with ‘entry-level’ burners if you like but what would be the point? If you’re serious about making your own homebrew, then there’s no sense in hedging your bets. Get the beer brewing stand that will get you to the homebrew promised land. The BrewBuilt AfterBurner.