7 next-level tips to chug beer like a pro! (or at least a bro)

Ever been challenged to a beer drinking contest? Ever needed to down a beer really quickly so that you can leave without wasting the sacred brew? Ever been 21 years old in college? Then you’ve tried to chug beer before. Believe it or not, it’s not all God-given talent -there are trainable skills behind the art of beer chugging!

In this article, we will show you how to chug beer like a professional.

From pouring the beer until you slam that empty glass on the table, we got you covered with advanced tips!

 7 Next-level Tips: how to chug a beer harder, better, faster, stronger


1. Pour the beer and wait for the bubbles to go down

beer toast

Getting rid of the bubbles will help you drink your beer quickly.  Also, the beer will also warm up a little while you are waiting.

This is best if you do not want your stomach to end up with a lot of foam.


2. Release more carbon dioxide from the beer

You can do this by hitting the bottom of the glass or the can on the table before drinking it.

The premise is simple: release CO2 in the air instead of taking it inside your belly, and you can handle the beer better.


3. Slightly lean your head back

Gravity is your friend. The further back you tilt your head, the easier the beer goes down your throat with your needing to purposefully swallow.

4. Take a deep breath

Take a deep breath now so that you don’t need to breathe while chugging, which would slow you down.


5. Tilt the container at a sharp angle

beer chugging

This will allow the beer to fall freely down your throat. This is faster compared to sipping or gulping. Think of it as if you are pouring water down the drain. Let gravity do the work.


6. Hold your breath

Breathing will slow you down. Avoid it while chugging. (This is why step 4 is so important).

“Take a deep breath right before you place the cup or bottle to your lips, and, whatever you do, make sure not to breathe in while chugging. You need to free up your mouth space for chugging, and chugging only. When it’s done, you can breathe.” – Lewis Kent, Brooks Runner


7. Turn your container face down on the table!

Or if you’re proud of yourself, slam it! Not too hard, of course, or you will break your beer glass! This is to show everyone that the container is dry and thus you drank every last drop there was to drink. This is also crucial in contests – if there is liquid left in there, you didn’t complete the chug and you lose!

Advanced Beer Chugging Tips

You can also practice the following tips on how to drink beer faster:

  • Pace – Start chugging slowly, then increase the pace as you progress the chug. Feel your way into it – some beers will go down easier or harder than others.
  • Funneling – Want to know how to how to open your throat to chug? Try “funneling.” This will train you in opening your throat. After that, apply the previous techniques to drinking from a glass. [1]
  • Warm beer – Before chugging, always remember to warm up the beer a little. Ice-cold beer hurts your throat going down and might give you brain freeze.
  • Straw – If drinking from a bottle, put in a straw and bend it at 90 degrees. Hold the straw and apply the rest of the chugging techniques while drinking from the bottle. The straw will allow air into the bottle, helping you push the beer into your throat. [2]

The Perfect Tool To Chug Beer Faster

Bear Claw shotgun toolYou’ve heard of shotgunning a beer. It’s, by far, the fastest way to chug a beer. With the shotgun method, instead of beer just falling into your throat, you puncture a can of beer and the released pressure shoots the beer into your mouth at high speeds. This makes chugging much easier (and faster).

Unless you carry sharp objecs around to always be puncturing a can of beer, we suggest getting the famous Bear Claw. Put it on your key chain, leave it near you fridge, give one to your beer buddies and just ensure you have one nearby if it’s time to chug.