7 Low-Calorie Beers You’ll Love

If you are on a diet and like to drink beer regularly, it can be hard to lose weight. The answer is to drink low-calorie beers in moderation. Low-calorie beers have been on the market for a while, but many beer drinkers avoid them for lack of taste.

Many modern breweries have evolved and listened to health-conscious drinkers who are looking for beers with an overall low calorie and carb content. These beers allow beer lovers to drink guilt-free without the threat of developing allergies, high blood glucose, and of course, a beer belly!

Manufacturers have also gotten very good at injecting “full calorie beer flavor” into these low-calorie beers so that you don’t feel like you’re drinking plain water.

Over the years, we have been able to drink the best low-calorie beers. We decided to come up with this helpful guide to get you drinking these beers to enjoy their flavor and refreshing taste without worrying about the calorie content.

The 7 Best Low-Calorie Beers

  1. Omission Gluten-Free Lager

    Omission Lager is perhaps best known for being gluten-free as much as being low-calorie. It has an aromatic and light hop profile and offers a malty aroma with a citrusy, floral note. The appearance is pale and golden with a frothy white head. This beer goes through a manufacturing process that rids the beer of the malt barley gluten content. If you have allergies, suffer from celiac disease, or want to keep to a low-calorie or keto-friendly regimen, this low-cal brew won’t wreck your diet! (“ABV” stands for alcohol by volume. “IBU” stands for international bitterness units.)omission gluten-free low calorie beer

    Omission Lager

    ABV 4.6%
    IBU 20
    Carbs 5g
    Estimated Calories 138
  2. Miller 64

    Miller 64 is a guilt-free beer that’s quite well-known and has that iconic “summer beer” reputation. It’s perfect for those who don’t like or are novice beer drinkers and want to delve into the wonderful world of beer. Miller uses Splenda, a low-calorie sweetener, in the brewing process to keep the carb and calorie levels down. This beer has a crisp, clean flavor with a pale appearance, and is extremely low in calories, precisely what you’re looking for.Miller 74 low-calorie beer 

    Miller 64

    ABV 2.8%
    Carbs 2.4g
    Estimated Calories 64
  3. Amstel Light

    This thirst-quenching and refreshing, low-cal beer are to die for, especially on a hot summer’s day. It has a low alcohol profile, which reduces those empty calories, and comes in at only 95 calories per serving. It is slightly acidic and bitter, and has a malty flavor, with excellent hop balance. What’s attractive about Amstel Light is that it pours extremely clear and has a good, thick white head on it. Enjoy guilt-free, and in keeping with your diet plan.amstel light low-calorie beer

  4. Busch Light

    This low-calorie beer is so light that some beer aficionados criticize Busch Light for its lack of taste. However, for those who don’t like earthy, malty flavors in “heavier beers,” it’s worth a try. It is refreshing without being watery and has an average, manageable 4.1 percent ABV. The flavor is sweet and light, with a hint of corn and a slightly sour finish. Part of the Anheuser-Busch panel of beer brands, Busch Light is a favorite of beer novices just dipping their feet into the beautiful world of beer. For seasoned hop-heads, however, this may not be a low-cal beer that’s high on their list.busch light low-calorie beer 

    Busch Light

    ABV 4.1%
    Carbs 3.2g
    Estimated Calories 123
  5. Bud Light

    Bud Light is an all-American classic beer with a smooth, malty crispness. First brewed in 1982, this distinctive low-cal beer carries fewer calories and a small soda-style frothy head with a transparent appearance. Some people say it’s just water, but we tend to disagree. This beer hints at corn and malt flavors and the taste are sweet and refreshing. Bud Light, if anything, lives up to its name, and at just over 100 calories per serving, the brew won’t hurt your diet.bud light low-calorie beer 

    Bud Light

    ABV 4.2%
    Carbs 6.6g
    Estimated Calories 126
  6. Corona Light

    Think Mexico, think Corona! An ice-cold Corona Light is the epitome of summer. If the primary goal is to save on calories as you enjoy your beer, then choose Corona Light. Accompany it, Mexican-style, with lemon or lime for an authentic Latin or Tex-Mex experience. It complements Tex-Mex food perfectly and features 30 percent fewer calories than Corona Extra. The bright, straw color, low carbonation, and thick white head are very satisfying, and for those who love light beers, the mouthfeel is appropriately thin.corona light low-calorie beer 

    Corona Light

    ABV 3.7%
    Carbs 5g
    Estimated Calories 111
  7. Michelob Ultra

    Michelob Ultra is one of the pioneer low-carb beers. Ultra carries only 2.6g per serving and comes in at just under 100 calories. This beer is perfect for people living with diabetes or people on a keto diet, who must keep their carb intake low. It has a lovely bubbly head, light golden color, and slight caramel aftertaste. This clean and enjoyable diet beer has average alcohol by volume content that won’t disappoint but is light enough to keep you drinking guilt-free.michelob ultra light low-calorie beer 

    Michelob Ultra

    ABV 4.2%
    Carbs 2.6g
    Estimated Calories 95

Final Thoughts

Most of the low-calorie beers we’ve listed are pretty well-known and shouldn’t be hard to get. These beers feature decent flavor, low carb content, average alcohol content, and small overall calorie counts.

All the beers we’ve featured as our top picks come in at 150 calories or fewer per 12-ounce serving. They feature carb contents of 7g or less and ABV of 7g or less. Miller Genuine Draft 64 even manages to stands head and shoulders over the rest with a calorie count of only 64!

Your love of beer doesn’t have to come second to your diet. Drink responsibly (think portion control), and keep on with the healthy diet as well as an exercise regimen. Then these beer calories won’t put a dent in your dieting progress.

Enjoy your low-calorie beers with peers, absolutely guilt-free!