SS BrewTech Brew Bucket Review

Since 2013, SS Brewing Technologies has been manufacturing top of the line brewing equipment. They strive to create products that are innovative and that enhance the brewing experience. The SS Brew Bucket Fermenter is a great example of their forward thinking.

In its design, the Brew Bucket incorporates many features that set it apart from other fermenters. It is designed in a way that allows you to work smoothly and efficiently without skipping a beat. And compared to competitors, the Brew Bucket comes at a very affordable price.

SS BrewTech Brew Bucket: General Features

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The SS Brew Tech Brew Bucket is one of the best fermenters on the market. It looks professional and, like Blichmann’s Fermenator, it is also a conical fermenter. This allows for sediment to settle within the bottom cone and makes it much easier to transfer clean beer. Although SS Brewing has many similar fermenters, the Brew Bucket only comes in a 7-gallon model.

The entirety of its body and components are made of food grade stainless steel. This includes the sealable lid which also has a hole for a blow off valve and/or tubing. It also has stainless steel retractable handles that can be used to move the fermenter when it is full.

This fermenter is also designed to be stacked with others like it. This allows you to take advantage of limited space and ferment many beers at a time. This design was carefully thought through so that you don’t block, and still have access to, your blow off valves while the fermenters are stacked.

At the bottom of the fermenter, at the top of the cone, is a ball valve that is attached to a rotating racking arm. This spigot allows you to take samples of the brew without compromising the integrity of the fermentation. This way you won’t expose the entire batch to oxygen and bacteria. The racking arm also allows you to adjust to the appropriate level of liquid as to avoid transferring any sediment.

On the inside of the kettle are volume markings. The markings measure up to 8 gallons and are etched into the stainless steel. This will ensure that your measurements don’t wear over time. On the front of the kettle is the SS Brewing Technologies signature logo.


  • Stackable
  • Racking arm
  • Carry Handles
  • Volume Markings
  • Ball valve for samples


Any Shortfalls?

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The SS Brew Bucket is a top-of-the-line fermenter. There really isn’t much to complain about. However, it does lack a couple of features that the Blichmann Fermenator addresses.

The Fermenator is weldless and bump free on the interior. This contributes to an easy to clean environment. It can also be pressurized with CO2 which makes moving beer incredibly easy. The Brew Bucket lacks these features.

You may also not have a need for stackability. And you may feel like you do a fine job racking your beers without too much sediment. It is for this reason some people may feel a carboy, siphon, and airlock would do about the same job. If you aren’t interested in sampling throughout the fermentation period or being able to conveniently check the gravity, then I might agree.

Overall, you may find you can get what you need without having to shell out for the SS Brew Bucket. See this page for more product suggestions.


  • Limited to 7 gallons
  • Interior is not 100% smooth
  • Is not additionally CO2 pressure capable

SS BrewTech Brew Bucket Review: The Bottom Line

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This is truly one of the best fermenters available to home brewers. It makes racking beer a breeze and sampling mid-fermentation incredibly simple. This is something that I wish I could have done for all of my years brewing with carboys. I have broken many hydrometers and spoiled beer trying to check the gravity through their narrow necks. It also gives you a chance to taste the beer without risk of contamination.

The stacking feature is also something I love. There have been times where I have only had a closet to ferment my beers and it would have been nice to be able to stack them rather than have to take up all of the floor space.

I definitely recommend the SS Brew Bucket for beginners and experts. It will keep your beer safe from the elements, provide ease of use, and look awesome while you are doing it. You’ll pay a little more but will spend less time working and will deal with less of a hassle by reducing the number tools you will need to get the same job done.