Yeti Rambler Bottle: Can This 64 oz Growler Keep Your Beer Fresh?

The Yeti 64 oz is only one in an extensive line of products from a brand known for its quality outdoor equipment. From first glance, it clearly upholds the company’s tradition admirably, with a simple yet effective design that delivers consistently reliable performance. With further inspection and rigorous testing, what we found was a solidly durable unit that can withstand any use.

In the course of this Yeti Rambler review, we discovered that it is equally capable of handling hot and cold liquids. This kind of versatility is exactly what we are looking for in such a device.

Other features such as the powder coat finish, the wide mouth, and the convenient handle sufficiently intrigued us, making us want to look into the Yeti Growler in more detail.

How Do Yeti Ramblers Work?

man holding a Yeti tumblerThe Yeti Rambler has a vacuum insulation system consisting of two stainless steel walls. Because there is literally nothing between these two walls, heat or cold isn’t transferred from the interior to the exterior of the unit. This prevents hot liquids from cooling down and cold liquids from warming up.

The Yeti Rambler also proves amazingly effective in actual use. Hot and cold liquids remain pretty close to their respective temperatures even after four to six hours. After this time, coffee still remains hot and drinkable. Even after 12 hours, coffee still retains a good degree of heat. Not warmth, mind you–heat.

With cold drinks, we were amazed to find ice cubes still floating in the liquid 12 hours later. Cold liquids tend to retain their temperature better than hot liquids of course. But we were still pretty impressed to have bits of ice in our drink after such a long time.

The Yeti’s top utilizes Triple Haul Cap technology, which offers added insulation. It isn’t as airtight as the seal provided by other units, but it does the job pretty well.


What To Expect: General Features

Yeti product imageThe 64 oz Yeti Rambler is constructed from 18/8 stainless steel, which really inspires confidence in its ruggedness and durability. The bottle is light enough to carry anywhere, but it has a nice heft that keeps it from feeling too flimsy. This is clearly a growler that can stand up to the rigors of the road.

As mentioned previously, the Yeti has two stainless steel walls. The interior wall preserves the flavor of beverages nicely, keeping them fresh-tasting with absolutely no metallic aftertaste. Even with repeated use, there is no hint of “ghost flavors” from previously stored beverages.

With this unit, you could bring coffee to work throughout the week and not have to deal with coffee-flavored beer on the weekend.

The aforementioned Triple Haul Cap of the Yeti Growler offers added insulation and prevents spills. The cap actually serves another purpose, as it is fitted with a generously-sized three-finger grip that makes it easy to lug around. Although made of plastic, it is built just as solidly as the rest of the unit. It also has more space to fit your fingers in, making the it easier to carry than other similar devices.

The Yeti Rambler Bottle and the cap are both dishwasher-safe. You can simply pop everything into your dishwasher without having to disassemble it or remove any parts beforehand, which is always a welcome convenience.


  • Rugged construction – perfect for any outdoor trips without any worries
  • Double stainless steel – keeps the freshness of your drink for a longer time
  • Triple Haul Cap for easy carry – a must-have for any travels you visit
  • Dishwasher-safe – no need to worry about washing it with your hands


Any Shortfalls?

without the cup preview of the Yeti tumblerOne thing we have to emphasize is that the Yeti Growler isn’t intended as a substitute for a dedicated thermos-style bottle. Although the lid fits securely enough and prevents the liquid from splashing out, it isn’t really an airtight seal. You should therefore make sure that it is always in an upright position if you want to stash it in a bag or knapsack.

It would have been nice to have a rubberized, non-slip base. This would have made the bottle more secure when placing it on top of a car’s roof or hood, for example. These aren’t major issues in any case, and they certainly don’t detract from the excellence of the Yeti Rambler Bottle 64 oz. If it does… then… you may want to check out this page other growlers we recommend


  • Seal isn’t airtight
  • A rubber base would have been useful

Yeti Rambler vs Hydro Flask

Yeti versus Hydro Flask

The Yeti Rambler Bottle 64 oz often invites comparisons with another popular growler: the Hydro Flask. Although both are made of high-grade stainless steel and have double-wall insulation, the former has a definite edge over the Hydro Flask in terms of maintaining the temperature of beverages.

The Yeti is also totally dishwasher-safe, unlike the Hydro Flask, which has to be washed by hand.

Finally, the Triple Haul Cap provides a more secure grip than the Hydro Flask’s Flex cap. Given these differences, we would have to give the advantage to the Yeti.

The Yeti 64 oz Growler: Is It Worth Buying?

Colored Yeti ramblersEven with so many other quality growlers on the market today, we simply can’t help but be impressed with the Yeti Rambler 64 oz. Its design is a marvel of simplicity and elegance, and we were hard-pressed to come up with a list of other features that we would have wanted to add because it seems to already have everything.

The generously-sized interior, the wide mouth, and the three-finger grip are all nice touches. But what really sold us was how effective the double-walled stainless steel body is at maintaining the temperature of beverages.

This Yeti Rambler review further impressed us with its low price. But even if it were priced quite a bit more, we would still recommend it to anyone looking for a rugged, reliable, and effective tumbler for everyday use.