Speidel Braumeister v2 Review: Is This Automated Brewing System Worth Buying?

The Braumeister is an all-grain brewing system from Speidel in Germany. An electric all-in-one unit that provides fully automated control over the beer-making process, it is state-of-the-art equipment that rivals even the most advanced commercial systems.

For sheer ease of use, this equipment is pretty hard to beat. Consistently high-quality results can be achieved even by those that have just gotten into brewing fairly recently.

With the release of this equipment from Speidel, more features have been added to make home brewing an absolute pleasure.

Read the rest of this Braumeister review to find out why this unit deserves a front and center spot in your arsenal.

Speidel Braumeister: Highlights & Benefits

Speidel Braumeister V2 20 litersThe Braumeister comes in a variety of sizes: 10, 20, and 50 liters. Speidel gives you a good range of options that enable you to cook up anything from quick, one-off batches to enough kegs for a couple of tailgate parties.

The v2 is a unit that adds a host of new features and functionalities to an already comprehensive brewing system.

The control panel–which was already one of the most useful features of the original–has been thoroughly upgraded by Speidel to store recipes as well as mash schedules.

Braumeister takes a lot of the guesswork out of brewing, helping speed up the process and enabling you to consistently maintain quality.

Speidel upgraded the control panel by including a large LED screen in full color. This makes it easy to follow along with your stored recipes and to see exactly what is going on with your v2.

We have to say that this feature is one of the most appealing in the Braumeister, and it really puts it in the same level as commercial brewing systems.


Eagle BRAU020 FaucetWe simply can’t say enough about the ease of use of this system from Speidel.

It’s pretty obvious that a lot of care and attention has gone into streamlining the brewing process and making it as easy as possible for even novice home brewers to produce a quality products.

Mashing the grain and boiling the wort can be done in the same vessel, and the process can be fully automated.

Even with the automation capabilities, you never give up control of the brewing process.

The Braumeister can do all the work for you if you wish.

You can set the temperature to different levels according to your own preferences or to the system’s recommendations. The heating element and pump combo will take care of the rest.

Brewing system from SpeidelEarlier in this Speidel review, we mentioned that the v2 comes in a few different capacities. Braumeister is well-suited for step-mashing.

Considered by many experts to be the best method for brewing lagers, step-mashing is a capability rarely seen in units intend for the home brewer’s market.


  • A comprehensive home brewing device that rivals even commercial systems
  • Fully-automated yet enables precise user control
  • Reversible flow for mash stirring
  • Produces quality brews every time
  • v2 comes in different sizes


Any Shortfalls?

Admittedly, the price of the entire Braumeister system is a bit steep. This is one case wherein you get what you pay for in terms of quality and value.

If price is an issue, I’d really recommend checking out The Grainfather, it’s literally the next best thing.

Braumeister is amazingly small and lightweight. It has 2000-watt heating capacity enables you to get up to boiling quicker.


  • Pricey
  • Requires 220 volt power
  • Cleaning is a bit of a chore

Speidel Brewing System: Is It Worth Buying?

Speidel Brew EquipmentIt’s pretty difficult to find a homebrew equipment that is as easy, convenient, and capable as the Speidel Braumeister brewing system.

The build quality is absolutely flawless for such a light and handy unit.

The Speidel Braumeister really is the only real choice if you’re serious about producing quality brews at home.

With the newly redesigned control panel, the wealth of features, and the solid construction,