Blichmann Beer Gun Review – Is It All Just Hype?

If you’re going to be brewing beer, then a beer gun is an absolute necessity! For those of you who are passionate about beer and only have the opportunity to bottle it from home, you’re well aware that a beer gun is a piece of equipment that just adds to the joy of the process.

You’ll find that there are a couple of options, but we figure that the Blichmann Beer Gun is probably the best one out there, and as you read through this article, you’re going to understand everything you need to know about it. The pros and cons, Blichmann Beer Gun Review, as well as its features and price range, so that you’re left with no questions!

Features of The Blichmann Beer Gun

Blichmann Beer Gun Product PreviewThe Blichmann Beer Gun has a couple of features that make a world of difference when it comes to bottling your beer.

  • Quiescent Flow TechnologySM – This feature helps in filling the bottle with no CO2. The CO2 valve prevents oxidations, which means there is very little foaming, giving more room for the beer itself!
  • No Turbulence – What makes the Blichmann Beer Gun stand out from other beer guns is a feature that you won’t find in most other beer guns- and that’s the fact that there is no turbulence as it releases the beer into the bottle. This is because they’ve designed it in such a way that the valve is placed at the bottom of the filler stem instead of the top. Doing this affects the pressure and helps to fill the valve with beer so that there is as little turbulence as possible, which means a smoother transfer.
  • Anti-Microbial Beer Hose – This feature ensures that there is no bacterial build up while you’re using the beer gun.
  • Seal Tip – The tip is sealed and retained in a way that you never have to worry about losing your beer gun tip ever again!
  • Plastic Tool Case – Lightweight, convenient and looks good!



  • Comes with an accessory kit.
  • Is easily disassembled – no tools needed.
  • Designed for one-handed use and has better grip.
  • All parts that come in contact with the beer are stainless.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Can be used by wine makers too.
  • Low foaming.


  • Fittings to connect to keg (sold separately for around $25).
  • You have to remember to clean it regularly.

Check out the video to see this product in action. Also see our main guide on more better bottle fillers:

The Difference Between Blichmann Beer Gun V1 & V2

2 versions of the Blichmann beergunThere are clear differences between the Blichmann Beer Gun v2 and version one:

  1. Accessory kit
  2. Foaming reduction
  3. Comfort

The biggest difference is that version 2 comes with an accessory kit. This is quite a considerable step up because with version 1, this was sold separately. Now it all comes in one case, making it a lot more convenient.

Another factor that many users noticed was the fact that the nozzle in version 2 was set in, unlike version 1, which had an annoying habit of popping off.

The outstanding factor with version 2 of the Blichmann Beer Gun are the features that have been added to reduce foaming, which is always an issue when bottling beer. This is something that many users had a problem with when it came to version 1.

The way version 2 of this beer gun has been designed has really taken into consideration your comfort and the fact that you may be spending quite a bit of time filling bottles. The handle is designed in such a way that you can use one hand with extreme comfort. Version one has had many complaints of discomfort after a while.


The Bottom Line: Is it Worth Buying?

Product previewAfter testing all the features found in the Blichmann Beer Gun, we’d have to say that it’s definitely worth investing in.

Blichmann have really gone all out and listened to their customers. They’ve paid quite a bit of attention to the details that really count. It’s designed in a way that is comfortable to grasp and control flow and pressure. From making sure that all the parts the beer touches are stainless, guaranteeing longer shelf life.

It really is the best Beer Gun out there and is a welcome alternative to the bulky and mostly messy counter pressure filler.

If you’re a lover of beer and making and bottling it, and want to show your beer making talents off to your friends and to even go into competition, this truly is the best option. It is easy to use and gives you a professional feel with its sleek and smart design.

Easy to use, easy to clean, long-lasting and perfect down to the last detail! No foaming, no mess, delicious beer, made from the comfort of your home.