The Best Places to Buy Beer Online
Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Buying stuff online has some huge advantages that go beyond just saving a bit of money. You can sit in the convenience of your own home, or try and survive a Monday morning at the office, by browsing an e-commerce store.

Within minutes you can find exactly what you want, and the package ships to your door, sometimes within 24 hours.

But where do you buy beer online? Is it safe and legal? Can you get that rare imperial stout you had on vacation?

Let’s face it, unless you buy something on Amazon, you probably often feel a bit nervous about sharing your personal and financial information with an online retailer.

Our team here at 52Brews is constantly ordering new and hard to find beers, so we decided to have a talk about all our experiences, and create a list of our go-to stores.

This is based on reliability, delivery costs and terms, selection and overall customer service.

Let’s get right to it.

Top 5 Websites to Order Beer Online

ordering beer online

1. Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club

The Microbrewed ClubAs soon as we got together to share our experiences, we realized that every single one of us has a subscription to

But what a lot of people don’t realize is that you can order a huge range of craft beer, from IPA to stout, on an individual basis.

In most cases, you have to order a minimum quantity, so it’s not that easy to select ten completely different beers.

If that’s what you like doing, then it might be better to just subscribe to one of their monthly packages.

Shipping and handling are $15.00, and they also offer wine, cheese, chocolate, and cigar clubs. For us at 52Brews, Microbrewed is the best online beer store as of writing.


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2. Tavour

TavourWhat we love about this online store is that they have a really cool app.

You simply set up a profile and start liking some of your favorite beers, and you will get some recommendations for new ones.

You can then choose the beers you’d like to try and put them in your crate.

It’s easy to order another crate of the same beers, which makes it simple to keep a steady stream of your absolute favorites.

Shipping costs are capped at $14.90, which is excellent if you like ordering in bulk like we often do. It’s free to sign up, so why not give them a try.


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3. Drizly

DrizlyDelivery speed and online shopping never really went together, until Amazon introduced 24-hour shipping.

Drizly has taken things another step further. Dependent on where you live, they can make deliveries within one hour.

They also have one of the largest selections of beers, and wine, from around the world, with a huge range of styles.

If you live close to one of their local stores, then you can shop online and collect in store.

This is very convenient, as you can search for a beer before you leave work, pick it up on the way home, and start your evening off in the best possible way.

Definitely check them out to see if you live in any of these states: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Washington.


$5 off your first order (min cart 20)

4. Hopsy

HopsyThis is a truly unique online beer shop. With Hopsy you can buy a SUB Home Tap which takes small kegs for a freshly drawn draft beer (rather than a bottle), right in your own home.

Kegs are available from over 50 different breweries covering a very large range of different beers.

Shipping costs are flat at $9.99, but delivery times are a little on the slow side with 4 to 7 days in Pacific Northwest, Northeast and West Coast.

In the Mideast and Southeast, it can be as long as 10 to 12 days.

Your patience is rewarded though, with a perfect draft beer every time.

5. Craft City

Craft CityThe last craft beer shop we would recommend is Craft City. They have an excellent selection of pale ale, stout, porter and seasonal specials.

If you’re looking for something difficult to find, then chances are you will find it here.

Shipping is available except for AR, DE, KY, MS, SD, TX, or UT.

Costs are calculated based on your location and the type of delivery required. Faster delivery will obviously cost more, but we have found that the 2-day delivery is very reliable.

Tips For Buying Beer Online

helpful tips in buying beer online

Tip #1. What’s The Legal Age To Buy Beer In The United States?

selling beersThe legal age to buy beer in the United States is generally 21, but there are states with less strict laws, lowering the age to 18. [1]

Just like buying beer in a liquor store, you have to prove your age when buying beer online. It’s definitely not a way for underage teenagers to get a store or brewery to ship alcohol directly to them.

Tip #2. Local Laws May Vary

beer lawShipping alcoholic products has different restrictions by state. Most will allow it with certain constraints. [2]

In pretty much all cases that will include the requirement that the delivery person will have to get a signature from an adult over 21, with a mandatory ID check.

You will also not be able to have your bottles sent to PO boxes or mail order addresses. All the above sites provide information on the specific restrictions, and what will be required to receive your brew.

Tip #3. Compare Shipping Rates And Conditions

beer delivery door to doorDelivery time, guarantees and costs will vary a lot. Costs are probably quite similar, as this is not generally an area where online retailers make any money. But you should take a close look at delivery times. [3]

Drizly is definitely the best choice if you happen to live close to one of their locations; you can’t really beat a 1-hour delivery.

Tip #4. Compare Prices

beer moneyAs with anything you buy, you will find very wide-ranging prices with online beer retailers.

Some craft beers can be quite pricey, and a few percent along with better shipping costs can make a huge difference.

Could even be enough for an extra bottle to enjoy.

“Slice says 60.8% of the growth in online beer, liquor and wine sales came from the expansion of app-based alcohol delivery service Drizly Inc.” – James Melton.

Final Thoughts on Ordering Beer Online

beer partyThe only way to have a more convenient source of beer at home is brewing it yourself, or constantly having a large stash of different options.

As appealing as that sounds, most of us don’t have resources to store those kinds of amounts.

You can, of course, hop in your car and drive to a load of different stores to find what you’re looking for.

But in today’s modern age of technology, it’s time you tried combining beer and the Internet.

Let us know if you know of any other great services that we may have missed.


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