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52Brews reaches a wide beer-loving audience everyday. We straddle several beer niches and content categories: homebrewing recipes, homebrewing equipment reviews, craft beer, beer trivia, beer reviews, and more. The content is purposefully unpretentious – we target ordinary people who love beer and are curious to learn more about the subject. By advertising on 52Brews, you’ll be gaining visibility in front of a very specific audience.

The numbers:

– Tens of thousands of visitors a month
– 23K Instagram followers
– E-mail list: 3,000+
– 70% male, 30% female
– Age Demographics

Age group 18-24: 16% of visitors
Age group 25-34: 33% of visitors
Age group 35-44: 18% of visitors
Age group 45-54: 13% of visitors
Age group 54+: 20% of visitors

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