Avery The Kaiser Imperial Oktoberfest Review
Our Experience

Company: Avery Brewing
Style: Imperial Oktoberfest / Marzen
Origin: America (Colorado)
10.08% ABV

Avery Kaiser Beer Review RatingAh, it’s getting close to Thanksgiving time and the fall weather is amazing. The only problem with fall is that retailers, manufacturers, and consumers think that traditional fall flavors like pumpkin, spice, and nutmeg are supposed to be in everything. I’ve never been a fan of pumpkin flavored beverages. From coffee and lattes to milks and hot chocolates, I can’t stand these people putting pumpkin into everything.

Although this is one of the most annoying things about fall, it also brings something great for us beer drinkers: Oktoberfest. Yes, this is the one time of year that brings beer in all its greatest to the forefront of culture. The main style of beer featured during Oktoberfest is Märzen, named because Germans originally brewed in it March and stored until the fall. It’s a great tasting brew that has a very high alcohol level because the original brewers wanted to make sure that it would keep properly over the long summer months.

Avery’s The Kaiser interpretation of the classic Märzen is no exception. They have generously packed a 10.08% alcohol level in this treat. They may change this exact percentage from year to year, but this year it’s pretty hearty.

Our Experience

Now I have to admit that this is the first lager beer that I have ever posted on this site. It’s not that I don’t enjoy one now and again, but the fact is that lagers aren’t really that special. What I mean by that is they aren’t really a beer to talk about with your friends. It’s more of a consumers’ mass produced style than anything. In other words, they are usually largely flavorless or have pretty poor flavor at best.

The Kaiser is somewhat different than the regular run of the mill lager, however. When I poured it into my tulip glass, there wasn’t much head and had a very overpowering aroma—not something that I really anticipated. The taste is sweet, tangy, and fruity. It’s kind of a mix between a candy and syrup flavor.

It’s a full-bodied lager with a complex profile. What was even more intriguing was the bitter yet fruity finish and warming aftermath. Needless to say, this is a lager worth checking out for yourself.

Our Thoughts on Avery The Kaiser 

Avery Kaiser Beer BottleLike I said before, I have never really been interested in lagers, but this brew has really opening my eyes to the possibilities that there are more complex flavor profiles out there.

I have had a few favorites over the years, but I would say that this has taken the first place in my palate for the best Oktoberfest beer. I know; it’s difficult to think that this could be that good, but it is. I’m not saying that I would drink this year round, but it is certainly has bold, exciting flavors with a nice finish.

Avery has definitely come up with a well-balanced, tasty beverage that everyone should try at least once during Oktoberfest. I know I will buy a bunch for this upcoming year.

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