15 Best Homebrew Blogs & Websites To Follow

Are you looking for the best homebrew blog that will educate and help you improve your brewing skills?

We give you the list of all the best beer and homebrew blogs we think that deserves a mentioned (and one’s we’ve been following for a long time).

These websites are perfect to help aid you in your homebrewing journey as a beginner or an expert.

They also perfect for non-brewers; for those who want to learn more about their favorite drink.

Alright, enough talk. Let’s get into it.

1. The Full Pint

The Full PintFor those who want to get beer information from a trusted source, The Full Pint is one of the best blogs to follow.

They are independently owned and dedicated to bringing you beer news, beer reviews, beer event listings, and even a podcast.

This blog promotes all kinds of breweries from small, medium, and large craft breweries.

2. Brulosophy

BrulosophyThis blog contains a wide range of topics on anything about homebrewing techniques, beer recipes, and product reviews.

If you are serious about starting your home brewery, we suggest that you visit this blog so you can learn to brew from scratch.

Brulosophy also has a podcast for those who prefer to listen than reading.

3. All About Beer Magazine

All About Beer MagazineAll About Beer Magazine is dedicated to covering everything about the beer community; the people, places, news, trends, and events.

They have been in the business for 35 years, and one of their missions is to celebrate the beer culture and educate all beer lovers all over the world.

4. Homebrew Talk

Homebrew TalkThis blog is more like of a forum; a community full of beer and wine lovers all over the world.

Members share tips and techniques about homebrewing, beer tasting reviews, pub talk, and some general discussion about beer.

Homebrew Talk also has a list of beer recipes and has more than 500,000 discussions as of today.

5. Craftbeer.com

Craftbeer.com BlogIf you want to learn more about craft beer, then craftbeer.com is a great blog to visit. The CraftBeer.com blog also features different beer styles, beer schools and breweries to visit, and recipes.

They also support festivals and local breweries to promote their craft.

6. Homebrew Finds

Homebrew FindsLooking for the best homebrewing deals? Homebrew Finds is the right place to go! They have collections of top deals, shopping tips, and lists of money-saving tips and homebrewing techniques.

They also have a homebrewer’s guide, perfect for those who are just starting out in the homebrewing world.

7. American Homebrewers Association

American Homebrewers AssociationTutorials, homebrew recipes, and the latest events can be found on this blog.

American Homebrewers Association is perfect for those who are starting to brew or to those who are already experts.

They also publish their magazine aside from their blog.


8. Beer Street Journal

Beer Street JournalBeer Street Journal has an extensive online collection of educational content dedicated to covering beer culture and the advancement of the craft beer industry.

They feature beer news and reviews to aid you in tasting new and fun beers in town.

9. Brewbound

BrewboundBrewbound is committed to bringing news, brewery and distributor features, new product announcements and exclusive content from much-admired industry events.

Their database of craft breweries already has almost 7,000 names on it, giving you the best breweries, you can find anywhere near you.

10. KegWorks Blog

KegWorks BlogThis blog is an excellent source for any tools related to drinking and brewing. KegWorks has a lot of topics ranging from draft beer, wine, cocktail ingredients, and cocktail recipes. You can learn how to homebrew and install your tools with this blog.

11. Beer Hawk

Beer HawkBeerhawk is direct to doorstep specialist beer retailer that explores the world’s best beer in your behalf.

They have a lot of information about the best equipment to use, educational materials about beers, and homebrewing techniques to help you in your brewing journey.

12. HonestBrew

Honest BrewThe latest news about the brewery, craft beer, and anything about beer, can be found on this blog.

They stock over 300 different kinds of beer which gives you a taste of the beer outside your local breweries. HonestBrew will provide you with everything and anything about beer by visiting their blog.

13. BeerSmith Blog

BeerSmith BlogBrad Smith (founder of BeerSmith) has been in the beer industry for a long time, and as a beer expert, he shares his knowledge about the craft through his blog and podcast.

He interviews the best in the beer industry so they can share their brewing techniques and the must-know details on how to start and maintain your own homebrewing.


14. The Mad Fermentationist

The Mad FermentationistBrowse through an online library of brewing articles and techniques to widen your knowledge about homebrewing. The Mad Fermentationist also offers you beer recipes from APA, IPA, DIPA, Neipa, and many more.

The blog also has a store where they sell their products such as t-shirts, books, and posters.

15. Hazy and Hoppy

hazy and hoppy retina

Massachusetts homebrewer Shawn Williams, known for his cooking recipes on KitchenSwagger.com, has now launched his Hazy and Hoppy blog about homebrewing.

Honorable Mention: 52 Brews

best-beer-club-logoWho would have forgotten this one as part of the best homebrew blogs in town: 52 Brews! Of course we didn’t want to blow up our ego or look biased hence why we didn’t include it on the list, but if we got to be honest, it is really a great blog.

Here in our blog, we are dedicated to providing you with the most updated beer news, reviews about homebrewing supplies, homebrew kits, and our favorite, beer of the month clubs! Follow us on our social media accounts so you will not miss any updates from us.

Did We Miss Anything?

Now that we have seen the best beer and homebrew blogs to follow, it’s time for you to visit them!

We are sure that you will get new learnings from each of these blogs; information that will help you become the best brewer you can be. These blogs are also perfect for those who want to enjoy their beer and get to learn more from it.

If we’ve missed a homebrew blog, let us know and we’ll make sure to add it to the list.