Blichmann TopTier Burner and Brew Stand

Blichmann Engineering specializes in commercial grade home brew products. Some of their products include all-grain brewing systems, hop infusers, thermometers, bottle fillers, and much more. Blichmann Engineering is known for their ingenuity and quality and are a showcase to American manufacturing.

Their TopTier Brew Stand and Burners is a prime example. It is designed to be efficient and practical. With its 3 tiered design, you can easily set up multiple burners and take advantage of gravity for transfers. It is a very impressive set-up that requires less space than most burner systems.

General Features

blichmann floor burner reviewBlichmann Engineering is back at it again with the TopTier Brew Stand and Burners. This is not an ordinary brew stand. Rather than burners on a wide range, it stands tall with three shelves that can be adjusted to accommodate your specific needs.

The brew stand has a long aluminum mast with a T-slot mounting system; this is where the shelves are placed. At the base are heavy-gauge powder-coated steel legs with attached wheels. The shelves can be moved vertically and laterally.

By adjusting the shelves, you can customize your brewing experience. This is extremely helpful for all-grain brewers. You can place your sparge water on the top shelf, a mash tun on the middle shelf, and a fermenter on the bottom shelf. This makes transferring very easy. All you have to do is hook up the proper tubing, open the valves, and let gravity do the rest of the work. However, you can set it up in whichever way fits you best.

Each shelf can also be replaced with a Blichmann Floor Burner. The burners can be purchased with the stand. However, if you already have a couple in your inventory, you can purchase the stand separately and attach them.

Blichmann’s Floor Burners are of high quality. They are quiet, rust free, and can withstand wind. This makes them perfect for outdoor use. They are also highly efficient as they can be easily adjusted to a low heat setting while maintaining a blue flame. This prevents soot build up on your kettles.

In combination, the Brew Stand and Burners are a dynamic duo and will change your home brewing experience forever.


  • Multiple shelves
  • Vertically tiered
  • Adjustable 3 tiered system
  • Built strong and rust proof
  • Multiple high-efficiency burners


  • Shipping costs
  • Requires heavy lifting
  • Burners quickly burn fuel



blichmann vs banjoEfficiency and power is the focus of the Brew Stand and Floor Burners. However, they come at a cost. The stand and burners themselves are not cheap, and you may also end up having to pay for expensive shipping costs.

If money isn’t an issue, the vertically tiered system may be. It requires you to lift a full brew kettle or mash tun onto each shelf. This may be tiring over time and may cause issues if you haven’t transferred your liquids before taking them down.

And although Blichmann’s burners are top of the line, they are also gas hogs. You may find that the cost of gas is not worth BTU output.


If you are looking for a quality beer stand, then you have found your match. I find the vertically tiered system to be extremely helpful. It is also built to be very sturdy and can easily hold the weight of multiple full kettles.

The burners are the icing on the cake. They do an excellent job of keeping your boils up to temp and can be easily adjusted for heat management outdoors. They can also be used on or off of the stand.

Overall, the Blichmann Brew Stand and Floor Burners are a great combination for any serious all-grain brewer.


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