How to Brew Beer at Home – A Complete Guide for Beginners & Homebrew Enthusiasts

How to Make Bee at Home

Until recently, making beer at home was a niche occupation practiced by just a few devotees mostly working in isolation for their own enjoyment. These days, however, homebrewing has exploded in popularity and is on the verge of becoming a (gulp!) mainstream activity. Get the ingredients, get the equipment, and let’s get brewing! Below we take … Read more

The Best Burner & Kettle For Induction Brewing – The Complete Guide

The Best Burner And Kettle For Induction Brewing Cover Image

Are you considering shifting over to a different (and more reliable) brewing preference from your current system? Although you might be totally comfortable with your trusty and reliable propane rig, there are many good reasons to consider using an induction burner instead. Induction brew kettles are all the rage in the homebrew scene, with state-of-the-art … Read more

How to Make Hard Apple Cider With & Without a Press: The Complete Guide in 6 Steps

How to make hard apple cider

Everyone has their own drink of choice whether it be liquor, beer, or something in between. An emerging preference of many individuals from across the globe is hard apple cider, offering the consumer a range of dry and sweet beverages, which each alters in appearance, color and taste. Enhancing the enjoyment of cider is the … Read more

How to Make a Homemade Mash Tun
A Simple DIY Guide

how to build a mash tun

If you’re serious about homebrewing you’re going to need a mash tun. What is a mash tun? Well, during the fermentation process, you need a way to convert the starches in your crushed – or ‘mashed’ – grain into sugars. The mash tun is a vessel built to facilitate this process. It should be insulated in … Read more

How to Use a Wort Chiller

How to Use a Wort Chiller

Chilling the wort after boiling is vital to the success of the brewing process. It needs to be cooled from the boiling point to the correct yeast-pitching temp or the fermentation process will be adversely affected. You can let the wort cool on its own but chilling it quickly is considered the better way to … Read more