How Beer Is Made: An In-Depth Look at the Brewing Process

how beer is made tutorial

Beer is part of the history of civilization. There is evidence that people have been drinking beer since 3500 B.C. There is evidence that animals (including primates) were getting drunk on fermented fruit juice well before then, but of course, beer itself – which requires a fair amount of coordination and settlement to produce in quantity … Read more

The 5 Best Beer Cocktail Recipes That Will Wow Your Guests

The first cocktail that sparked a revolution in how we consume alcohol was a beer cocktail. Beer cocktails predate spirits-based or wine-based cocktails because beer was safe to drink, affordable, and readily available. In the 19th Century, sailors were given rum rations on long voyages. To make their rations last longer, they mixed their precious … Read more

Is Helium Infused Beer Real? There’s A Surprising Truth In The Chemistry!

Helium Beer Cover Image

You’ve probably seen videos floating aroun on Youtube of people claiming to have tried helium beer. There is even a decent volume of searches on the Internt for helium beer breweries.  But the sceptical among you will (rightly) wonder… can helium beer possibly be real? The Internet has made skeptics of us all – so it’s … Read more

How to shotgun a beer in 8 easy steps for lightining-quick chugging!

How to Shotgun a beer

Sometimes you have to throw “class” out the window. You just want to down beer(s) as far as possible.  Whether it’s to impress your friends or for the pure scientific efficiency of consuming more brew in a shorter amount of time, shotgunning is great. It’s widely considered the fastest way to down a beer, par excellence. … Read more