Baker’s Yeast vs Brewer’s Yeast: What’s The Difference?

Brewer's yeast

Yeast has two primary uses, making alcohol and making bread. As you can imagine, baker’s yeast is used to promote the latter and brewer’s yeast, the former. But what exactly are the differences between baker’s yeast vs brewer’s yeast? Why does one make alcohol and the other bread? Can you interchange them? These are all … Read more

How Beer Turns Into Whiskey

How Beer Turns Into Whiskey

Can you really turn brews into booze? Yes! In fact, all whiskey comes from beer – of a sort. “Distiller’s beer” is the alcoholic liquid used to produce the spirit, and it’s nowhere near the same as the cold one you crack open after a long day. Also called the “wash,” it is thin and … Read more

Lager vs Ale: What’s the Difference?

Lager Vs Ale

Ever since the world of craft beer has grown, so have the types of beer. There are IPA’s, APA’s, sour beers, Porters, stouts, pilsners, and so much more. It can get confusing as to what the difference between all these beers are. However, when you break it down, there are really only two types of … Read more

What’s with all the hype about Marijuana Beer?

hemp beer cannabis thc cbd alcohol

Brewers and consumers alike are abuzz with questions about marijuana beer – what exactly is in it, where they can get it, and if the product is even legal. We’ll explain all that here! Background Recreational marijuana use has become legal in more than ten states already, and lots of others are already introducing legislation … Read more

What Are The 4 Main Ingredients In Beer?

The main ingredients of beer

Despite all the variety in beers out in the market now, it’s often surprising to people to learn that at its core, almost every single beer shares four main ingredients. The varieties of beer stem from the different types of these four main ingredients used, the proportions put in each brew, and the different brewing … Read more

How Beer Is Made: An In-Depth Look at the Brewing Process

how beer is made tutorial

Beer is part of the history of civilization. There is evidence that people have been drinking beer since 3500 B.C. There is evidence that animals (including primates) were getting drunk on fermented fruit juice well before then, but of course, beer itself – which requires a fair amount of coordination and settlement to produce in quantity … Read more