7 Low-Calorie Beers You’ll Love

low-calorie beer

If you are on a diet and like to drink beer regularly, it can be hard to lose weight. The answer is to drink low-calorie beers in moderation. Low-calorie beers have been on the market for a while, but many beer drinkers avoid them for lack of taste. Many modern breweries have evolved and listened … Read more

Organic Beer: All You Need to Know

Organic Beer 52brews

It seemed like ages ago when organic products started making an appearance in the media and markets worldwide. Since then, the public view has shifted, warranting the need for producers to produce certified organic products to stay ahead of the market. The negative impact of traditional farming methods has made the public weary for their … Read more

Glitter Beer: It Sparkles!

Glitter Beer The Sparkling Drink 52brews

Since the old days (especially in the old days, in fact), beer was always considered a manly drink. And with so many beer styles available on the market, never did anyone expect the relatively recent release of glitter beer. With ingredients described as “love and sparkles,” most people do not know what to expect until … Read more