15 Christmas Beers That You Must Drink This Holiday Season!

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Christmas! It means the gathering of distant relatives, catching up, exchanging presents, seeing the kids run around the tree, and all the nice warm fuzzies you haven’t gotten all year, all packed into one night, in the middle of winter… Or… it could mean sitting through never-ending conversations with that uncle you despise, hearing your nephews … Read more

15 Best Belgian Beers – Strong, Unique, Amazing Flavors You Should Not Miss


Belgium has a reputation for having the highest quality beer in the world. Also, the country has about 230 active breweries producing some of the most sought-after brews worldwide. Though that number compares to the number of craft breweries in the US, remember that Belgium has a population of just 11 million. Also, remember that … Read more

The 20 Best Beers in the World – 52Brews Favorites

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A great beer satisfies on many levels. It quenches the thirst, appeals to the eye, electrifies your taste buds and also calms the nerves. How do you possibly pick the best, though? There are thousands – thousands  – of varieties of beer out there. Not to mention, taste is infinitely subjective. The best tasting beer for one … Read more

The 15 Best Mexican Beers – Quality Cerveza From South Of The Border!

Corona Extra listed as number 5 Best Mexican Beer

Mexican beers come from a long beer brewing tradition. What would surprise most people is that they are mostly influenced by German and Austrian techniques. These were introduced by immigrants in the 19th century, resulting in many of Mexico’s top beer brands still using these techniques today. This is why many Mexican beers you drink … Read more

Top 5 Best Marijuana-Based Brews

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First off, there is a decent amount lot of law and science to understand behind “Marijuana Beer.” If you’re curious about the details, we have an article outlining the basics or Marijuana beer. Now, if you’re ready to just get your hands on some tasty Marijuana-, CBD-, THC-, Hemp-, Cannabis- and other weed-related beers made … Read more