Kirin Ichiban vs Sapporo

Sapporo vs Kirin Ichiban

Kirin Ichiban vs Sapporo is not only a showdown between two of the best Japanese brewers but also two of the largest corporations. You can check out our review of The Top 5 Japanese Beers if you’d like, but we’re here to discuss these two companies and their beers in detail. How did Kirin Ichiban … Read more

The Best Beer for a Michelada

Best Beer for a Michelada

There are many different ways to make a Michelada, and people make it in different ways based on their based on region, culture, tradition, personal preference, etc. Regardless of how you make this beer-based cocktail, it may not turn out very well if you’re not using the best beer for a Michelada. So, for however … Read more

Corona Beer vs Modelo

Corona vs Modelo

Corona and Modelo are the number one and number two selling Mexican beers in the US, respectively. You’ve likely had a Corona and a Modelo and noticed their similarities. If not, in this Corona vs Modelo comparison we are going to cover those similarities and differences and discuss which is better. If you’re interested in … Read more

The Top 10 German Beers

What are the Top 10 German Beers?

Germany has a rich history, but nothing more enriched than it’s history with brewing. So many different versions of beer have come and gone through the century and now a new branch of beer is coming to front. Some of the names may be new but the companies that make them can be traced back … Read more

The Top 10 French Beers

French beers

When it comes to producing booze, France is most popular for their wine, of course – but don’t sleep on the country’s “bière.” France’s relationship with beer dates back to the country’s rural past, when feudal farmers (and even Christian monks) produced “bière de garde,” or “beer to keep.” The beer was made in winter … Read more

The Top 5 Japanese Beers

japanese beer

Japan ranks in the top 10 countries globally both in the production and consumption of beer. Also, beer now accounts for two-thirds of total alcohol consumption in Japan. It’s clear the Japanese love their brews. The Japanese are known to accompany their meals with beer, just as much as they are known to do so … Read more

The 7 Best Brazilian Beers

Cópia de The History of Home Brewing (3)

Ask anyone what they know about Brazil, and the usual answers include soccer, samba, the Amazon, Rio de Janeiro, beaches, “that big Christ statue with the open arms” (Christ the Redeemer in Rio)… but almost never would anyone say “beer.” “Cerveja” (beer in Portuguese) is actually a massive part of Brazilian culture. Brazilian breweries almost … Read more

The Top 5 Korean Beers

top 5 korean beers review

South Koreans love their booze. The country ranks at the top of the charts of alcohol consumption per capita. Alcohol is an entrenched part of their social customs in gatherings and meals, especially. Interestingly (for us beer lovers), beer has a huge 40 percent share of the alcohol market in the country. The country’s maekju … Read more

Presidente Beer: The Dominican Beer that is Taking Over

Presidente Beer 52Brews

Beer is an international language. Almost everywhere has its own special brew to show off for. Presidente beer has been around for a very long time. Its origins can be traced back to 1929 when the Presidente brewery was founded by the industrialist Charles H. Wanzer and his team. 1935 was when the iconic Dominican … Read more