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Craft beer has exploded on the scene in the US and around the world in the last few years. It seems like every time you go to the bar there is a random new beer (or 20) to try, with a super clever name, from some small brewery in some small town you never heard of. Go to your liquor store and it’s even more overwhelming. Namibian Session Ale with Acai berry flavor! Vanilla Strong Porter with Organic Mountain Goat Milk! Etc…

There are thousands of craft breweries in the United States, each of them putting out multiple new beers every few months. How do you keep up!?

Also, maybe you’ve seen people that brew beer at home and half the time it tastes awful, and half the time it’s delicious. You want to get in on that too – it seems fun, but you want to be in the “delicious” camp.

52Brews is here to help!

52Brews brings easy-to-understand, unpretentious craft beer and homebrew information for our readers. We got you covered on all things craft beer, beer of the month clubs, homebrewing, general beer knowledge and more!

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So, how can you stay on top of all there is to know about so much great beer out there?

variety of craft beersThere are so many out there that you and I have yet to discover. The question is, how do we hear about these if our local stores and pubs don’t tell us?

The easiest way: Beer of the Month Clubs. These became popular for wine (“wine in the mail”), and naturally, now there are several for craft beers.

These clubs educate members about the beers they send each month (origin, tasting notes, pairings, etc.) and also provide an insanely convenient (and cheap!) way for members to experience a wide variety of all types of beers.

Most of these clubs send you monthly shipments of their featured brews, most of which you just couldn’t find at your local store. Also, kind of like a “ for beer,” they often suggest beers that you may like based on your taste profile.

So you get all this variety that you would almost never experience locally, you don’t even have to go anywhere, and you get professionals picking beers for you. It’s an incredibly convenient and cost-effective way to expand your beer horizons.

It’s worth looking into. Check it out for yourself.

At 52Brews we also teach you how to brew your own beer! At Home!

Learn about the beer making process as well as the best home brewing kits and supplies to use at home. If you’re going to make the investment, read our objective reviews first so you don’t waste your money!

We’ve reviewed every one of the essential brewing equipment pieces you’ll need to get started. Make sure to check out our reviews of:

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