Corona Beer vs Coronita Beer

You’ve no doubt heard of Corona, and you’ve probably had a couple over your life span – if you’re of age and drink, that is. It is the number one selling Mexican beer in the US, and the number one imported beer in the US. However, you may not be so familiar with the Coronita. In this article, we are going to discuss the differences between Corona Beer vs Coronita beer, however small they may be, and the reason the Coronita beer exists in the first place.

Corona vs Coronita

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What Is the Difference Between a Corona Beer vs Coronita Beer?

Have you ever walked out of a grocery store or liquor store wondering how you got such a good deal on a case of beer? Then, fast forward 20 minutes and you’re unloading the beer into your fridge only to realize they are miniature size (maybe that’s just me). Welp, that’s what a Coronita is. A small Corona. A standard Corona comes in a 12 fl. oz. bottle, and a Coronita beer comes in a 7 fl. oz. bottle.

Is that really the only difference? Yes. When it comes down to the actual bottle and what’s inside it, the only difference is size. Why then do they even make a Coronita beer? Aren’t most of us disappointed when we come to find we have a 7 oz beer instead of 12?

The answer is, utility. While you can certainly enjoy a small beer in the same way you’d enjoy a larger one, the purpose and value of a Coronita comes from the many ways it can be used in a drink. In the next section, we’ll go over the best ways to drink a Corona and a Coronita.

Corona and Coronita Beer Flavor

So, we’ve covered that a Coronita beer is the same things as a Corona, but if you’ve never had one, what does it taste like? What ingredients does it use? What kind of beer is it?

Well, this cerveza from Mexico is a pale lager with 4.5% alcohol by volume. It is made with malted barley, corn, hops, water and yeast. In terms of taste, while there is some light malt, it’s crisp with some fruity notes. Overall, it’s one of the most popular beers due to its refreshing and balanced qualities.

Best Ways to Drink Corona Beer

Outside of size, the difference in Corona vs Coronita beer is the way in which you drink it. Below, we cover all the best ways to enjoy your original Corona.

Corona & Lime

If you order a Corona out at a bar, it’s likely going to come with a lime. No one is exactly sure how the lime made its way into a Corona. Some say it originated to help the beer smell better. Some say it was used to remove rust from the caps. others claim it’s used as a disinfectant or as bug repellent. At the end of the day, we don’t know how but we do know why it became so popular: it’s delicious.

Corona & Lemon

Here in the US, we know Corona for going with lime, not necessarily lemon. Most bartenders won’t ask if you want a lime or lemon, they’ll either give you a lime or ask if you want one. However, in many European countries, lemon is more popular.

Which is better, though, Corona and lime or Corona and lemon? Ultimately, this comes down to personal preference. I use lime more often because I usually have lime wedges or lime juice around more often. I can say that Corona and lemon is also very good.

Corona Sunrise

This is my absolute favorite way to drink corona, especially when I’m trying to get more of a buzz with drinking less beer. Take a couple sips of your Corona to where the beer is just above the label. Add a shot of tequila, some orange juice, grenadine, and lime. If you don’t want to fill up on beer, this is a great drink to have under the sun. Check out our favorite tequila, El Padrino, to use HERE.

Best Ways to Drink Coronita Beer

There’s nothing stopping you from drinking a Coronita in the same ways as a Corona, but there’s more versatility with a smaller bottle and less fl. ounces. So, we’re going to cover the best ways to use that small bottle to your advantage.



A coronarita is a Coronita beer flipped upside down in a margarita. As you drink the margarita, beer will flow from the mini glass refilling your drink. If you’re not sure whether to get a margarita or a Corona, get both! This drink doesn’t quite work with a 12 fl. oz. Corona since the larger bottle will not fit in a margarita glass.

Mexican Bloody Mary

Mix in a Coronita with a Bloody Mary, or flip it upside down in one if the glass allows. If you’re not sure how to make a bloody, HERE is a great recipe.

Best Ways to Drink a Corona vs Coronita Summary

At the end of the day, the same beer is inside a Corona and a Coronita, so you can drink each of them interchangeably. However, a lot of the value from a smaller beer comes in its versatility. When it comes to a Corona, it is the main drink and things are added to it. When it comes a Coronita, it is added to the main drink, such as a margarita or bloody mary.

Corona Beer Selection

There is only one choice when it comes to a Coronita and that’s the base Corona Extra. While they used to offer a Coronita Light, Corona no longer does. So one advantage to the bigger 12 oz bottles is that you have more options. Below is a quick word about the types of Corona among their selection.

Corona vs Coronita

Corona Extra

This is the original Corona that we’ve been speaking about. When you order a Corona, this is what you’re likely getting.

Corona Light

Corona’s response to light beer. It has 99 calories and 4.8g of carbs in comparison to the 148 calories and 13.9g of carbs of Corona Extra. It also comes in at 4% ABV, whereas Corona Extra is 4.6% ABV. They previously offered Coronita Light but no longer do.

Corona Premier

Corona Premier is a ‘premium light beer’ which has even less calories ands carbs than corona light. 90 calories, 2.6g of carbs, 4% ABV.

Corona Familiar

Corona Familiar goes in the opposite direction. It’s meant to be a bit heavier, stronger, and fuller than Corona Extra. 156 calories, 14.6g of carbs, 4.8% ABV.

Corona Selection Summary

Corona also offers a selection of hard seltzers, but we’re just sticking with beer for now. There are more options when it comes to drinking a 12 fl. oz Corona. If you want lighter options they have the Premier and Light. If you want the original or something more, they have the Extra and Familiar. We prefer the regular Corona Extra, but if you’re looking at cutting some calories and carbs, the Premier is the way to go.

Corona Beer vs Coronita Beer Summary

There is one obvious difference when it comes to Corona vs Coronita. Size. Corona is 12 fl. oz, and a Coronita is 7 fl. oz. The differences after this are more personal and subjective. How you choose to drink your beer is completely up to you, but typically speaking, Corona will be drunken with lime or lemon. Coronitas, on the other hand, are added to drinks to make beer cocktails.

Ultimately, whether you choose to drink a Corona beer or a Coronita beer and why you choose to drink it is up to you. We simply are here to explain the difference and let you know what options are available to you.


Below are frequently asked questions regarding Corona and Coronita Beer. Many of these are answered in the article above.

Is Coronita Beer the Same as Corona?

Yes. A Coronita is the same as Corona Extra Beer. The ingredients and everything are the same, it just comes in a smaller bottle size.

What Kind of Beer is Coronita?

Coronita is a smaller version of Corona beer which is a pale, Mexican lager.

How Much Alcohol is in Coronita Beer?

Coronita beer has 4.5% ABV but the Coronita bottle is 7 fl oz, so there is less alcohol overall. A Coronita beer contains .315 ounces of alcohol whereas a 12 oz Corona beer contains .54 ounces of alcohol. While it has the same alcohol by volume, Coronita beer contains 7/12 the amount of alcohol as 12 ounce Corona Beer.

Who Owns Corona?

Corona was originally owned by Grupo Modelo, but AB InBev purchased the Mexican company in 2013. The beer is still produced at Cerveceria Modelo Brewery. AB InBev recently sued Constellation Brands over the use of the Corona Brand as they previously distributed the brand.

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