Corona Beer vs Modelo

Corona vs Modelo

Corona and Modelo are the number one and number two selling Mexican beers in the US, respectively. You’ve likely had a Corona and a Modelo and noticed their similarities. If not, in this Corona vs Modelo comparison we are going to cover those similarities and differences and discuss which is better. If you’re interested in … Read more

The Top 10 German Beers

What are the Top 10 German Beers?

Germany has a rich history, but nothing more enriched than it’s history with brewing. So many different versions of beer have come and gone through the century and now a new branch of beer is coming to front. Some of the names may be new but the companies that make them can be traced back … Read more

The Top 10 French Beers

French beers

When it comes to producing booze, France is most popular for their wine, of course – but don’t sleep on the country’s “bière.” France’s relationship with beer dates back to the country’s rural past, when feudal farmers (and even Christian monks) produced “bière de garde,” or “beer to keep.” The beer was made in winter … Read more