The Best Beer for a Michelada

Best Beer for a Michelada

There are many different ways to make a Michelada, and people make it in different ways based on their based on region, culture, tradition, personal preference, etc. Regardless of how you make this beer-based cocktail, it may not turn out very well if you’re not using the best beer for a Michelada. So, for however … Read more

How Many Beers Equal a Shot?

How many beers equal a shot of vodka?

When you’re drinking at a bar, you’ve got options. You can sit back and drink some beer, try out some new IPA’s, stouts, sour beers, and much more. Or you can take things a different direction. Whiskey coke, vodka lemonade, margaritas, or other mixed drinks are popular options. And lastly, you can take shots. Well, … Read more

How Much Is A Keg?

How much is a keg?

Whether it’s for a large party or you just prefer your beer on tap, having a keg is both useful and fun. However, there are some misconceptions about kegs. Traditional economics tells us that it’s cheaper to buy in bulk. So, we’d assume that buying a keg would be cheaper than buying a whole bunch … Read more